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Updated on August 28, 2015

Career choice is a difficult thing. Some of us may not know at all which chocolate among life's vast box we find most appealing.

Others find that their long-cherished childhood dream to not all it's cracked up to be."

Find Your Passion. According to research, The Path to Remarkable Work suggests engaging in simple leisure activities like shopping, bookstore browsing, surfing the Net, and watching TV. Pay attention to what draws you.

Tune in to your childhood dreams. Although some maybe far-fetched, they may also give you a clue. Recall your ambitions at different stages in your life, even going so far back as kindergarten, advises Robert Chope, Ph.D., author of Dancing Naked: Breaking through emotional limits that keep you from the job you want. Take a friendly survey. Wilner and Stocker recommend taking a poll among some of the people who know us best: our friends. Just ask them: What kind of job do you see me in? What are my strength and witnesses? It will be your decision in the end, of course, but your friends can shed light on your blind spots - and clue you in on what isn't obvious to you.

Try things on for size. Don't think that you are committing yourself to one passion or field for the rest of your life... Your lifestyle, passions, and career will change," says Donellan. So, if "what am I going to do with my life" is too scary, start with "what am i going to do for my next chapter?"


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