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Carnegie Mellon University MBA Degree Program Admission Tips

Updated on January 18, 2012

Getting Accepted at the Tepper School of Business at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Carnegie Mellon University is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. College graduates with full-time business experience can apply to the MBA degree program at the Tepper School of Business. This is a fairly competitive business program. Those seeking to enroll should know the typical standards and make preparations to improve their chances of getting accepted into this advanced business degree program.

GMAT Testing:

Students seeking to attend the Carnegie Mellon MBA program need to take the Graduate Management Admission Test. While there is no specific cutoff score, it should be noted that more than 90% of recent students in this degree program had a score of 600 or higher. Indeed, over half had a score of 700 or higher, which is about the 90th percentile for recent GMAT tests (according to TestMasters).

What this means to students applying to Carnegie Mellon is that most of those who are accepted are near the elite level from an academic perspective. While it is certainly possible to have a lower score and get accepted into the program, you would want to have a high GPA or solid business credentials to back up a lower GMAT score.


Some business students are not so good at the GMAT but may work hard to get good grades. If you are considering an MBA in the future at Carnegie Mellon, know that less than half of recent attendees have a GPA of 3.5 or higher. This means that you may be able to make up for an average GMAT score by having a GPA above 3.5. Think about this if you are still an undergrad and thinking of getting an advanced business degree.

Undergraduate Degree:

The majority of those accepted into the Carnegie Mellon MBA program have a college degree in business, accounting, natural science or engineering. However, you may still apply and often get accepted if you have an economics or liberal arts degree (or social science). There is no specific degree requirement other than having a four-year degree.

Application Process:

You can apply online to attend the Tepper School of Business MBA program. Alternatively, call for a paper application at 412-268-8835.

Note: There are several options for getting this advanced business degree. In some cases, you can even get your degree remotely through special long-distance learning options. There is also a part-time program for business professionals in the Pittsburgh area who would like to keep their jobs while obtaining their MBA. Refer to the "Admissions" page in the Resources to get more details on these options.


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Tepper School of Business Admissions Page


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