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Cars Creating Jobs in the U.S.A.

Updated on January 10, 2017


American Made

Our economy is still very hard and there are many people without jobs. We can do our part in trying to help the infrastructure within the United States by trying to buy products made in the United States. Cars are one of the products made in the United States that give many working Americans employment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. assembly and supplier plants employ 770,000 American employees. They also reported that new and used car dealers employed 1.1 million Americans. G.M. spokesman, Fred Ligouri said that G.M. employed 77,000. Chrysler employed 39,200 Americans. Although, the third American automotive company in Detroit, Ford, refused to answer, the American Automotive Council claimed Ford employed about 65,000 people. These three American companies employed more people, that is more than 2.5 times the amount than the three main companies owned by Japan: Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.


"Over the past five years, the American automobile industry has created about 500,000 new jobs."------Barrack Obama

Toyota vs. Ford

The Toyota Camry is the top selling sedan for families The most popular compact SUV is the Ford escape. The Toyota is assembled in the United States and takes 6,000 American workers to build one Camry. It takes 2,250 to build an Escape. In 2010, 328,000 were sold while a little under 200,000 Fords Escapes were sold in the same year. For every 100 Ford Escapes sold, 13 assembly line jobs opened up. For every 100 Toyotas sold, 20 U.S. based manufacturing jobs opened. However, the combination of the three American owned car companies still employs more than the three Japanese ones.


General Motors vs. Ford

With the economy the way that it is and many people being out of work one thing that we can do is try to buy American made products and that way more Americans will have more jobs. Typically, people would think that General Motors employs more U.S. factory workers than the small company Ford. However, according to a study completed in 2015, Ford started hiring 10 Union jobs a day starting in 2011. They ended up opening 12,000 new jobs within that period of time (2011-2015). Ford built around 125,000 more vehicles in the U.S. than in 2007 under the Bush Administration. As of Feb. 1, 2015, Ford had 50,703 U.S. hourly workers. In 2005 General Motors had 21,000 more than Ford.

Making a Toyota Corrolla

Ford and F.C.A.

Recently, Ford decided to keep their plant in Michigan and not send it to Mexico. The C.E.O. was influenced by several factors. It means that 700 new Ford jobs will open up in Michigan. Ford claims that for every factory job that opens up, seven related jobs are created. In the past five years, Ford created 28,000 jobs while investing 12 billion in the United States. F.C.A., the smallest Detroit 3 automaker created 14,000 hourly jobs after it rebounded from bankruptcy in 2009. This means that hey have almost 36,000 hourly jobs.

Facts about Ford

  • Ford builds more cars in the U.S.A. than General Motors.
  • 78 % of Ford's production was in the U.S. in 2014
  • 61 % of General Motor's production was in the U.S. in 2014
  • Ford increased the amount of cars they export overseas.
  • Due to the opening of new entry level jobs, 55 Ford employees in Chicago, Kentucky, and Kansas City received a 50 % raise.
  • The reason Ford hired more workers is because the demand for the new F-150 was greater than what they originally thought.

The Hyundai

A Korean company makes the car known as "The Hyundai". However, 50 % of the cars are made in the United States. They have a manufacturing plant in Montgomery, Alabama. They also have engineering facilities in Michigan along with design, research, and testing grounds in California. In 2011, the company created 94,000 jobs in the United States. In Montgomery, Alabama, 2,700 residents have jobs with Hyundai while the company contributes 3.8 billion to the economy of Alabama every year.


In 2015, the Nissan company employed 22,000 workers. In 2014 their vehicle assembly plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, made more cars than other vehicle assembly plants in the United States. The plant in Tennessee employed 8,400 people. However, much of the employment of the company is largely temporary. The temporary people stood shoulder to shoulder with permanent people. Yet, because of their lack of experience, they made less money than permanent people. With the creation of the 2015 Nissan Murano Crossover SUV, Nissan opened up 500 jobs at their vehicle assembly plant in Canton, Mississippi.

"The addition of Murano to our portfolio, coupled with the continued growth and success of the Canton plant, will move us even closer to our goal to build more than 85% of the vehicles we sell in the U.S. right here in North America."---John Marin, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing for Nissan North America


The Honda Company employed 29,500 associates with 70 % of them being in manufacturing jobs in 2015. They spent 2.2 billion on paying American workers. They also had 158,000 dealer jobs. Of all the International automakers, Honda has the oldest presence of car manufacturing within the United States. The Honda company has 17 billion invested in U.S. operations. They also have 75 facilities including plants, R and D centers, parts centers, and marketing, sales, services, and finance operations. In 2016, a new 70 million production facility opened in Marysville, Ohio. Over 99% of Honda and Acura automobiles that were bought in the U.S. were made in the U.S. in 2015. Since 1982, 22.4 million automobiles were made in the United States by Honda and Acura. There have been 1.1 million U.S. made Honda and Acura exported since 1987. Their value of automobiles made in the U.S., power equipment, power sport products, and service parts exported by Honda from the U.S. in 2015 was about one billion dollars.


Which car company do you think makes the best cars?

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