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Cash Flow Quadrant- are you E, S, B or I

Updated on July 5, 2009

Are an E,S,B or I

Have you read this book called the Cash flow Quadrant by Robert Kyiosaki?, as an online writer and a Huber or would like to be an online writer and a Huber to generate some income then this is the book for you.

Back to the Cash Flow Quadrant, I have asked you a question whether you are associated with these letters, E,S,B, I, if you have not read the book so far this letters has meaning attached to them, by now before you could understand these letters I bet you know this guy, Kyiosaki. If not he is the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, I hope by now you know what R.Kyiosaki talks about, yes it is money, money, money, money, investing, investing.

As I was reading Rich Dad poor Dad, I got this famous say that the lack of money is always the root cause to all evil. Do believe this; many people believe that with a lot of money you can do all evil.

To our letters where do you stand so far, for the E, these are the Employees an employee is someone who gives his boss his time, family time, someone with no freedom to choose, you are always at the mercy of your boss, your work is very simple and defined, go to work, come back home, go to work, come back home.

An E believe in an end month and five days after salary he goes back to his credit cards, this is somebody that trades his time to his boss, simply put it he has no time, not that they do not have this time, remember your creator gave 24/7 whether you are who, they all sell their time away. Employees cannot survive without payments, they cannot work if they are not going to be paid, and money first is their motto. E an is a very dangerous tag to have in your lifetime, you can start at this letter and gradually move to the other letters.

The S stand for the Self employ, this is somebody that has to be there to make things happen, a doctor practicing on his own clinic is Self Employed, he has to be at his pharmacy to earn, his kind of operation is not inheritable, nobody and nobody will replace him to ensure the survival of the family. Operate a small shop is being self employed, you have all the limitation not to grow big without looking at the other letters

Lets move to the other letter, the B is the business owner, this is somebody that has a business running 24/7 with his or without his presence. This person employees the E and S to do for him the donkey work, he is kind of a person who can afford to sleep 24/7 while E and S can afford to earn more in 24/7. A person with a hospital 100 employees is a business person, he can go for a vacation and still his business will go on, this the place to be.

The last category in this classification is the I known as the investor, they invest in already built business by business owner, they simply use money to buy this business, there work is to buy and buy.

As a Huber, you need simply write good quality hubs to earn you money whether you are a sleep or not otherwise hubbing will become another job with poor with poor reward


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    • profile image

      myokokoaung 7 years ago

      we are rolling in the same boat!

    • Philipo profile image

      Philipo 8 years ago from Nigeria

      Good advice. Thanks.