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Catalogue Printing

Updated on January 27, 2012

Original Printing


About Catalogues

Dating way back to 618CE, the Chinese T’ang Dynasty has provided consumers with the communicative tool of the catalogue.

Originally developed to either entertain or inform, catalogues are still employed today for that very function.

Used by business large and small, a catalogue is a cost effective tool in communicating a vital message.

This method of printing produces articles that are both eye-catching and relevant, making them a highly useful tool for marketing and advertising.

Catalogue printing essentially enable information to be shared to a wide audience both quickly and easily.

Catalogues are a visual tool that can be used to promote discounts, offers, ideas and announcing new ventures. Their relatively cheap prices and ability for consumers to take them home or even pass them onto their friends and family makes the humble catalogue and invaluable marketing tool.

The Catalogue Printing Options

The wide range of catalogue printing caters for every need and purpose.

Single-page catalogue printing is one of the most popular options when it comes to choice. This is due to its clear and eye-catching format. Ideal for promotional offers, discounts and invitations, the single-fold option is attractive and conveys one main message for consumers.

The next stage of options is the double-page format. This encompasses the catalogue that wishes to display that bit more information. This option increases the amount of information that you wish display. The double-fold is popular for those who are prepared to spend that little bit extra on presentation.

The third, and final option includes the multi-fold option. This allows for the utmost amount of information to be presented, whilst still maintaining the high quality of the catalogue.

The multi-fold is the most expensive of the catalogue printing options but is essential if you wish to convey large amounts of information.

How Can Catalogue Printing Help You?

Catalogue printing can offer clients the opportunity to quickly and easily learn more about your business.

They fit in your pocket and are able to be taken away for later revision. Unlike the downloading of documents and presentations, catalogues are easily referenced and can even be passed on to others.

The cost of catalogue printing is one of the most attractive features for prospective clients and ensures a return visit on their next presentation! The cost of printing becomes better value for money with the more catalogues printed, therefore providing an ideal solution to your marketing circulation problems.

Printers can offer you a wide range of printing options for your company, ensuring a high quality finish that clients will admire.

Catalogue printing ensures the best results for the cost required and is a wise investment and saving on essential marketing strategy.


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