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Caught Between Job and Retirement

Updated on March 28, 2010

Jobless Older Americans

Some of the economists are predicting that it might be at least five years before the unemployment rate is restored back to where it was before the recession. Many of the older adults between the ages of 57 and 62 that lost their job because of the recession will probably have a slim chance of landing another before time to retire. A large percentage of the workers in this age group were working in factories that were outsourced to other countries. Many of them started to work in the manufacturing industry after they finished high school and stayed there until the factory closed.

Some of them quit high school and went to work in these factories. This happened because forty years ago a high school diploma or GED was not one of the job requirements like it is today. This limited amount of education creates a problem for many older adults when it comes to landing a job. A large portion of them did the same type of work for fourty years, therefore this is all they know. I believe it will be safe to say that most companies today are asking people seeking employment to submit their application electronically over the computer. A large portion of our older adults do not know how to operate a computer. This is one of the reasons some seniors will probably be sent to the end of the line when new jobs are created and the companies begin hiring employees again.

Older people that can meet the education requirements will still probably be hindered because of our age. I know age discrimination is against the law, but what employer is going to hire someone that is almost ready to retire when there is a large selection of young adults to choose from. Someone who can learn the job easy and work for thirty or fourty years. By the time all the young people get to work, it will be time for the older ones to retire. The question is, what will our seniors do in the next few years after the savings are gone and we still have not reached retirement age? This is why I cannot understand why some of our senators are against expanding medicare to help people in this age group. Without a job, we cannot afford to buy health care insurance.


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    • profile image

      keywc58 7 years ago

      Thanks for the information Bruno. Thank both of you for the comments.

    • Bruno Deshayes profile image

      Bruno Deshayes 7 years ago from Australia

      One of the back door ways for seniors to land a job is to work as a volunteer for an organization that shares their values. It is also a good way to be around people rather that staying at home or at the pub. Volunteer work is highly valued on a resume because it shows you don't have a civil servant mindset and are committed to make your life count for the things you believe in.

    • profile image

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