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Caveat Procurator: Employers Beware Of Perfect Resumes Hiding A Scam! Part 3

Updated on September 22, 2009

Roger now asked his hiring manager to dig a little deeper into her references. It turned out that all of them were her friends in that other province, who were answering their home phones with the name of the company during business hours in Roger's time zone to help her scam.

By now, Roger's ears were billowing more steam than an old locomotive. He called Sally in to try and get some semblance of truth out of her. She walked in, and in the most perfect acting job this side of Academy Award Winning Actresses, explained that Jay's partner had frozen all his accounts, and that since this was the last day of the month she had mortgage, car and tax payments due, and she immediately needed a $5,000 advance before the close of the banks tomorrow.

This was on her 17th day of employment.

Roger is a level headed manager, likely far more level headed than I would have been in that situation. So he kept his cool. He told Sally that he would have absolutely no trouble having accounting cut her a check for $5,000 the next day. All she had to do was bring in the signed contract from the national cell phone company that Jay was "holding."

She said that would be no problem and to make sure that the check was ready the next morning as she would be there at 10 am sharp with the contract.

That was the last Roger ever saw or heard from her.

She disappeared, not only with 1,000 of his company's business cards (with which the good Lord only knows who she's scamming now in Roger' company's name), but also with all of the expensive sales materials, media kits, etc.

The turmoil Sally caused in 17 short days almost sank the trade show. It had to be postponed by a full month while Roger did damage control. The financial and credibility cost to the company was incalculable.

Apparently, Sally didn't just hit Roger's company. Yesterday Roger got a call on his office phone. It was a lady asking for Sally. Roger informed that lady that Sally was not employed with the company any longer and could he be of service. "No, it's not a trade show matter, I'm trying to get hold of her," the lady said. "Good, I'm trying to get hold of her too," Roger replied. The next words that the lady on the phone said nearly made Roger fall off his chair. "So is half of this city."

Never underestimate the profound damage that some Sally can cause your business. Roger admitted that if his company hadn't been so solid and well-established, a hit like Sally's could have caused their closure.

Therefore, "What Have We Learned, Dorothy..." or Roger, or any employer reading this Hub? The next bright eyed and bushy tailed smiling face with an impeccable resume and glowing references might actually be the devil in disguise. A precursory examination of background and references is unfortunately woefully inadequate when there are sharks in the water like Sally.

Employer Beware! It is impossible to be too careful in this day and age!

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