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Century Link Technician Threatens that He Will "Own My A**"

Updated on August 31, 2017
This is the kind of work Century Link calls "acceptable."
This is the kind of work Century Link calls "acceptable." | Source

First: Sorry, sorry and SORRY for the terrible video, but I didn't even realize I was recording this. Glad I did!!

Second: Most of Century Link (99.999999999%) was nothing but helpful and gracious during this entire ordeal, and I can honestly say that, when it is working, it is the best internet I have ever had.

This experience, however, was a precursor of how bad they would treat me after the introductory deal ran out. Their fees are obscene. But back to the story.

Every employee I dealt with, including the guy that signed me up, everyone I spoke with at the 1-800 number, the guy who set up my service and one of the guys that came out during this mess were all great. The contractors and service techs for the actual phone lines, i.e., the hardware, i.e., everything on the telephone pole. I'm guessing they do that work because they dismally failed the "customer service" part of the hiring process. Although Randy Hall, mysteriously assigned to a managerial position, is quite the charmer /sarcasm/.

So a little back story: My husband pretty much had a drug-fueled mental breakdown a few months prior to this and I had to kick him out, file for divorce, and get a restraining order against him. He left us completely destitute and orchestrated our eviction. He didn’t know where I lived when this happened. He never bonded out of jail, so for six months, until he was convicted, I lived in constant fear of him bonding out and showing up at my house. He was ultimately convicted of felony domestic violence charges. So, needless to say, I didn't like strange people lurking around my property.

Nasty Century Link Technician

One morning, I looked outside and saw two unidentified workers in my yard. The sight of two strange men in my back yard - for no reason - kinda freaked me out. CRAZY, right?? So I went out there and told them to leave. They threatened me, they said they were going to call the cops and I would HAVE to let them back there .... they actually said "We have every right to be back here!" According to the CSPD, that's not really true, but more of that later. Colby was especially resistant to leaving.

Just to point out: There was no truck parked in front of my house, and they weren’t wearing anything identifying the company they worked for. They blamed me for not answering my door ... which is how they justified trespassing in my backyard. One of them mumbled what I thought was "Holly Construction," which I couldn't find anywhere online for our area, which also freaked me out a little. But after calling about 10 different places, Century Link told me that they sometimes use "Pauly's Construction" for line work and maybe - but they couldn't even tell me, nor did they even KNOW - whether those were the guys at my house.

Since when, exactly, do you enter a closed back gate with no prior notice or warning, without even knocking on the front door, to do random work? At what point did this become common practice? In my 44 years on this planet, that's a new one to me!

This trash was scattered all over my yard; it was left there by a careless Century Link tech that doesn't care about their customers.  What does this say about the company as a whole?
This trash was scattered all over my yard; it was left there by a careless Century Link tech that doesn't care about their customers. What does this say about the company as a whole? | Source

So I called Pauly's Construction and yelled at Dustin, and Dustin seemed sympathetic but said they really needed to do the work, could I pleeeeeeease let them back in? I get it. Progress. Upkeep. I agreed they could come back later, but the problem is that the guy who isn't an asshole gets to be in charge but doesn't actually GO TO THE SITE. So when dear, chubby, ginger Colby came back and was STILL defiant, even after explaining that I am afraid my husband will pay someone to come harm/kill me, and asked if we were "cool now," I had to answer in the negative and call Dustin back.

See, Colby only cared about trimming trees, it's like his life's work and meaning, man. Yeah, all this drama was over them having to trim trees around the power lines. Which isn't even what they said they were going to do. What they said they were going to do was line work.

They did it, left, and i thought that was the end of it.

So fast forward a week and a half and chubby old guy shows up at my door, again with no warning, to do more "line work." I wasn't happy but he had what seemed like a Century Link truck, so I begrudgingly unlocked my back gate (locked since Thing One and Thing Two cut all the trees behind my house in half (WHY NOT BURY THE LINES???)). He wasn't rude but ........... {heavy sigh} when he was “repairing” the line, he managed to completely disconnect the phone cable from my house. I'd like to say he did it on purpose but I don't think he has that many brain cells; doing that would also make him risk having to come back and deal with me again. Also, the reason he said he had to do the work was because squirrels chewed through everything and ... it looked SO NORMAL before but now the whole thing looks like a giant mutant squirrel was teething on the whole mess.

So after coming back from court, where I had to see my husband for the first time in a couple of months (SUPER FUN!!), and getting all my kids and before Scouts, I discovered that the internet I actually NEED was done. Gone. Ka-PUT.

Collecting the trash left in my yard by Century Link.
Collecting the trash left in my yard by Century Link. | Source

So I called Century Link and they were amazingly nice and they set up an appointment for the morning and just like they promised, the guy showed up on time and called a half hour before and guess what?? He was super nice and professional and I didn't feel nervous or threatened at all! But he DID say the cable was messed up and it was the guy's fault and no he didn't work FOR Century Link, he was just a CONTRACTOR.

So he put in another work order, which meant I got to deal with the guy in the video. I saw him pull up. He did not make the slightest effort to go to my front door. I could see the truck and I was expecting someone to come so .... I wasn't happy about yet another strange guy in my yard but I also LOVE INTERNET.

So .... admittedly, I’m kinda keyed up over this whole thing. But … just wow, this guy was a nervous effing wreck. You know the squirrels in the Dreamworks movies? Yeah, he was like that.

I had to leave to get my kid. The tech made no effort to approach me while he was standing in my back yard. He just opened the gate and went back there. He didn’t make an effort to tell me who he was or apologize for his company disconnecting all phone and internet service to my house. And BECAUSE THE GUY WHO DISCONNECTED THE SERVICE was NOT with Century Link .... no, I didn't know if he was a contractor from the same company who messed it up or was actually with Century Link. I'm still not entirely sure he *isn't a contractor.

So I probably shouldn't have said to him, "Don't f*** it up again, please!" I said it super nice, but I really meant it. At which point, he FLIPS OUT. He storms back to his truck to get his phone because he has to tell his supervisor I am "being abusive." I said, Ok, lemme talk to him!! GLADLY!! He walked back over on the phone and this is where it just spiraled out of control. Or rather, little squirrel guy Freaked the Hell Out.

I asked what the supervisor's name was, he said Randy. I said, Let me talk to Randy. I had to ask a few times, then he finally handed me the phone. I told Randy I was going to take a picture of this guy freaking out. Wanna know what Randy (aka Einstein) said?

"You can't take a picture of him, that's illegal!" He went on to tell me that if I take a picture of him, I AM ASSAULTING HIM. Oh, and that I'm not allowed to post pictures or videos of him [acting like a total ass without even being high!!] on the internet. Randy said he was coming over immediately (lucky me!!) to deal with this and apparently act as super ninja body guard for technician guy whose name I can't remember. Because a victim of domestic violence trying to get someone to quit acting like a total tweaked-out jerk on her property is A DANGER.

After I talked to Randy, I tossed the guy's phone in the grass. Didn't slam it down. Tossed it into the soft grass, and not even long grass (yeah, Hello, it's still winter). Oh, and did I mention that before this, while I was talking on the phone, he was making all sorts of crazy hand motions at me like I was totally full of crap, like shoveling a pile of crap? Lucky I didn't break your dumb phone, Obnoxious Hand Gesture Guy.

Abusive Century Link tech.
Abusive Century Link tech. | Source
Abusive Century Link tech.
Abusive Century Link tech. | Source
Work order the abusive tech dropped in my back yard.
Work order the abusive tech dropped in my back yard. | Source
Plate on the car he was driving.
Plate on the car he was driving. | Source

Tech dude had a total hissy fit and packed up his ladder and said they wouldn't replace the line (which I knew he couldn’t do) and walked over to the truck, so I went over to take a picture of the truck, and him, so I'd have documentation. That's a big legal term for "stuff that gets jerks in trouble on the internet." That's when he FREAKED about his phone. I honestly thought he was about to hit me when I said I didn't have it, I "left it over there."

So he called my Sasquatch and a tranny, among other things. He said I am a bad mother. Being in a relationship with this guy must be AWESOME.

After he picked up his phone was when the fun really started. Now remember, a Century Link contractor broke a perfectly good phone line out of stupidity and/or carelessness, preventing me from working and my kids working on their projects. On top of this it happened on a day I had to go to court and I've been through more stress the past few months than most people will see in 10 years. All I said to this guy, after having had my phone completely turned off through no fault or action of my own, was I hoped he wouldn't continue fucking up the situation. So when he was walking away from me, he told me:

"Don't you have to go get your welfare payment and food stamps and leech off society some more?"

Which is funny for two reasons: Actually, when my husband left, I realized that we were utterly destitute and didn't even have money to eat. He also lied about having signed up any of us for health insurance (no, Tricare doesn't go on forever after you leave the Army!).

That's where the video begins. And after his laughable rant about the ambulance chaser attorney hunting me down for whatever offense he imagined I had committed, he said .... lol, I'm still laughing about it now ... the stuff in the video.

He is going to:


There's a lot of it, I'm not sure it's fair for just one person to own it all.

AND THEN he called up Randy again and said I threw his phone at him (instead of tossing it in the grass). Yes, this whining little blob of sputum said I assaulted him. Well, I must have one helluva arm to be able to hit him from 200 feet away, with him standing on the far side of a truck. My hand actually has guided phone missile capabilities.

When he finally drove away, he was making kissy faces and waving at me. I was already on the phone to the police.

They couldn't really do anything, but they were nice, like always. I should buy a gun. I've had to call them lot these last 6 months and I hate doing it every time. I hate doing it because these asshole men necessitate it.

And apparently, Randy's one goal of coming out was to again tell me that it is ILLEGAL to post things about them on the internet. I asked the cops, "I'm allowed to film you guys and post it online, right?" They said, Yup. I told dear Randy that if it's ok to film them and then post it, I sure can do it to him and that little weasel of a technician.

Oh yeah, and weasel boy fixed my internet and never told me. He was done in like 10 minutes but made Randy come out and tell me anyway.

Cuz that's how weasels roll.

So Dear Technician, next time I "assault" you, you had better file a police report and a THOUSAND photos to prove it or otherwise everyone sees you for the liar you are. But you can't, because I didn't. But feel free to go tell everyone how a victim of domestic violence that was upset that random men had to keep coming to her house and being raging assholes to her .... tell your buddies about the phone I did NOT throw at you. It'll make you sound like a tough guy, especially after the ridiculous nonsense you spout in the video.


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