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How to be a ChaCha Guide

Updated on May 27, 2011
I love ChaCha!
I love ChaCha!

ChaCha is a FANTASTIC search engine that specializes in answering people's questions using the technique known as the human search engine. A customer will send a text message to the ChaCha service (the popular number that is used to text the service is 242-242) using their cell phones, or ask a question by calling the company. The human question answering guides have a database that they use to find the answer to their question, and will immediately send it back to the customer.

The fantastic thing about ChaCha is that anyone who is a US citizen or a permanent resident can work for the company as a human search engine, and that you actually get PAID for every question you answer - even if you choose the option that you do not know the answer!! All you need is a good broadband connection, enthusiasm and generally good searching and typing skills. Being Internet Savvy will really help the guide when it comes to completing questions quickly and earning money. If you want to earn some quick bucks with guaranteed payment and want to work from home online, why not try ChaCha?

Benefits of ChaCha

1. You can work from home at your own pace at your own time. There is no minimum time and specific schedule that you need to work from.

2. You get paid for answering questions - and depending on your own pace, you can earn a decent amount of money. A few hours a day and by the end of the month you will earn enough to pay a few bills. If you push yourself even more, you will earn more money.

3. This is not a get rich quick scheme - it needs persistence and hard work. If you are enthusiastic and/or are jobless/have enough time in your hands, you will see the money trickle in.

Guide Roles

There are a few roles available, and they have different pay. Do not judge a role by the low pay, usually they have the opportunity to complete a task the fastest, so someone with lower pay per question can actually higher than someone with higher pay per question. Also usually ChaCha decides to what roles they decide to hire for, so you may not get your role that you want. Do not despair - after spending 30 days in a role, you will be allowed to change the guide role as long as they are looking to full those roles. There are some rules when answering that apply to ALL guide rules - such as having correct grammar and punctuation in the answers and using at least six words to answer the question! More of this will be covered when you actually get trained to be a ChaCha guide and it is quite easily learned - so do not fear!! :)


Pay per question - $ 0.005

Yup, that is half a cent - and currently, that is the role that is available for those willing to work for ChaCha. However, money adds up easily in this role because Vetters get the most traffic. They are given a question and a set of answers that ChaCha will deem suitable. All the Vetter has to do is choose the answer if they see a good answer or choose "no suitable answer." You might have to edit some answers to make sure they are at least six words, but that is quite rare. You may also write your own answer but that is not necessary. Even choosing "no suitable answer" will still get you paid. You can easily answer a few Vetter questions per minute.


Pay per question - $ 0.02

Expeditors have a bit of a more extensive role. They are also given a database that helps them pick suitable answers or a space to write their own answer. They are given extra tools, such as databases to find definition, horoscopes, sports games scores and so on. They also can see the question history and the zip code of the customer, which is helpful when it comes to deciphering questions the customer questions. They have a goal of 65% answers to the questions. The rest of the 35% is for the questions that they do not how to answer - which get sent to Specialists. After the new vetter role, expeditors are getting a loss less traffic. Therefore, most expeditors now dual role as vetters too!


Pay per question - $ 0.03

Transcribers just transcribe the questions asked by customers over the phone and send it to the answer guides.


Pay per question - $0.10 - 0.20

They get the highest pay out of anyone. Specialists get the least traffic and the hardest questions, and therefore spend the most time answering questions, unless they already know the material like the back of their hand. The pay per question depends on the topic, and a great specialist can make a lot of money if they are an expert on that subject. It is also the most difficult role to get, so do not be sad if you get specialist right away!

Getting Started

In order to get started, go to the following URL, and click on get started.

You will see that there are some tabs on tops that will help you give more information before you get started, so if you want, check those out before getting started. After you click on the get started button, you will be directed to the Guide Registration Process. This will be a form where you will be asked to fill out all your information. Do not fear - Cha Cha is a legitimate site. You may google more about this if you want to feel confident as to whether Cha Cha is legitimate or not.

After filling out the basic information, you will be shown a guide video. Do pay attention to the guide video - all the information will come in handy later. Then, fill out the W9 form and then your registration process will end.

Then you will have to go through the training process where you will have to look at videos and answer some questions. Then there will be the final readiness test, where they will stimulate real question-answering sessions. There are about 10 questions that they will use to test you, and any "no suitable answer" question will not count towards the final 10. This does not mean that you should not pick "no suitable answer" - just know that it will not count towards the final 10. After evaluating your answers, they will pick you as a guide and you will start making money! There will a couple days before you let you know whether you have been chosen or not, so be patient. Remember that if you fail the readiness test, you will NOT be allowed to test twice. So pay attention to all the videos and the training process!

Things to remember

This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a legitimate job opportunity that has been shown on NBC, ABC and many other news sources. This is a great way to make some money in this bad economy when you have nothing else to do - and remember every bit helps. With enough hard work, you should be able to earn a respectable amount of money, but DO NOT view this as a way to hit the jackpot. They do however have contests during question answering sessions where if chosen, you can earn a nice bit of money - which is very possible!


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