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Challenge Your Internal Thinking Process

Updated on June 12, 2011

Teen Voice Prosperous & Thriving Youth

DFW Teen Voice Prosperous & Thriving Youth "Who Am I"

BY: Patricia Ross Teen Voice

Who you are in your purpose is related to your internal thinking process and ask the question who am I?

Do you even know to realize to be conscious of what you think? What you think is creating your purpose in life. Believe it or not because if you are now a mature adult and look back on your life and ask yourself who am I and what am I doing today? What would be your answer?

In your teenage years what were you thinking about? Can you answer the question what has been my internal thinking process? Are you happy with who you are today? If not now is the time to change your internal thinking process.


1. ask yourself who am I? and answer the question?

2. Write out your skills and talents, dreams and desires.

3. Curve out time in your day to concentrate on exploring what you have written.

4. Seek out the internal you with the Higher Power in mind.

5. Pursue your goals which you have already written down.

6. As you look at your short-term and long-term goals you will be fullfilling your purpose.

7. Ask the Higher Power which you have submited to for Guidence and direction in your life.

8. Measure yourself in 6 months to 1 year and see what you have accomplished in this time you would have challenged your internal thinking process.

You are now challenging your internal thinking process. You should have been guided as a child to channel in your purpose. I say this because some chosen professions you need time on your side to reach and accomplish.


If you find out you have the desire to become a doctor, attorney or psychologist based on the time frame of studies to give in this career profession consider your age. If you start on this path at 55 years you might want to consider another chosen career field of choice because age limits toward your education. Start off where you are and let go of the past even though the past is your future. Channel your past accomplishments today to move forward and reach your life purpose.

Do you know that you have to channel and challenge your internal thinking process. It can become a battle in the mind and actions. Battle to keep negative thinking and people out of your life. Somehow, negative thoughts do come to your mind but you will allow them to flow out and replace with positive thoughts. Negative people meaning their words works in the direct opposite of your purpose and goals. When this happens you must leave them behind and or find away to distance yourself with this person. You have to care about yourself because if you don't care and respect yourself then can you expect other to care about you. Demand respect and let yourself grow from here and become the best you.


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