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Change in career

Updated on September 21, 2010

Several people start of in an industry thinking they want to follow one route and then realise once ensconced that there could be others that would be more suit

The earlier you find this the best. But how do you go about changing your career?

Supposing that you have chosen a career in accountancy and once started in what seemed to be your dream career you recognise that there are other aspects of accountancy where you would feel more fulfilled.

Now we need to think about career change. Lets say you still want to remain within accountancy but a different aspect of it. This could be because something is more beautiful to you or it could be hours.

Many women find they need to have a change in career once they start a family. You may have decided that you want to pass most evening at home.

This does not require a change of career but a change in career. They may be able to negotiate a different aspect of accountancy within their current organisation. one that does not require any travelling, or they may have to seek this elsewhere.

You will want to have sensible positive reasons for the change to give your new employer comfort. Its complex to balance family and work and still remain on the promotion ladder.

You may require a change in career but do not want to be sidelined and must make a very positive application stating the reasons why you want to join XYZ firm, not the reasons why you can no longer continue at your current firm.

This change in career needs to be carefully planned. Keeping options open for progress in the future should be an important consideration as families grow up and the reasons for a change in career now may not matter in a few year´s time.

A larger career change may also have to be considered if you felt a complete change was necessary. It could be the same industry but a greater change.

Even an internal change should be thought through as much as as if you were changing companies.

Treat it as if you were applying for a new job entirely. THis way you will be better prepared. They may not see things the way you do. So do not presume.

Even a small change in career requires careful planning. By doing this preparatory work you should also be able to ensure that you were doing the right thing and actually did really want this change in career.


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