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"Change the Culture, Change the Game": Book Review

Updated on November 12, 2013

Introduction: Every Business is Affected by the Culture Within

If Your Business is Struggling, You Need to Examine Your Inner Business Culture and Make a Game Change: Either Control Your Business Culture, or Your Business Culture Will Control You

In order to understand what affects how the people in your business make decisions, the premise of this book, is that you must first understand that life experiences dictate what people believe and what they believe infuences their actions, which ultimately is what produces the results that they achieve, whether they be good or bad.

Results Pyramid
Results Pyramid | Source

What is Culture

What is Culture?

Hoebel describes culture as an integrated system of learned behavior patterns which are characteristic of the members of a society and which are not a result of biological inheritance.[3](Source: WikiPedia)

To put it more simply, culture is learned behaviour that is acquired from all the experiences in and around a person or group of people in a society. A "Society" is any group of people that form a collective unit that share common beliefs and goals, such as The Society for the Protection of Cruely to Animals. A "Society" starts with a family unit, this is society and culture on the smallest scale. Another society may be your society of school mates; however, in any given school, there may be several different societies with different goals and beliefs, but there is also the society of the school as a whole. The same applies to any business. In a business that has many different diverse functions and employees of various ethnicities, there may be societies and cultures around each department, but perhaps also vaious societies around each ethnic group. Each of these societies may have it's own individual culture.

The society of the business as a whole unit; however, is what is going to make or break a business. To change the game in business, the culture of ALL of these various societies may need to be changed in order to obtain the desirable overall business results.

Change the Culture, Change the Game by Roger Connors and Tom Smith
Change the Culture, Change the Game by Roger Connors and Tom Smith

Have You Ever Had a Boss Who Made You Feel Bad If the Results You Produced Didn't Meet the Expectations?

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The First Step is Accountablity

For a Faltering Business the First Step to Effective Change is Accountability

No matter what the business, everyone needs to be accountable for the decisions they make and the results that they produce. However, if one works in a business where every time the results they produce are unsatisfactory, they are met with chastisement, their EXPERIENCE will lead them to the BELIEF that no matter what ACTION they take, the RESULT will be disasterous for them.

The first step in helping people to WANT to be accountable, is to change their experience, which effects change in everything else.

There are four steps to change peoples current experience (E1) to the experience you want (E2), which ultimately should get your current results (R1) to the results you desire (R2).

  1. Step 1: Plan
  2. Step 2: Provide
  3. Step 3: Ask
  4. Step 4: Interpret

Good Boss, Bad Boss

Nearly everyone who has been in the workforce for any significant amount of time will be able to tell of experiences with a "Bad Boss." Most of them will also be able to tell you about experiences with a "Good Boss." Unfortunately, having a good boss won't necessarily make a business profitable, but a good boss who knows how to change people's experiences in a positive way, so their beliefs change in the needed direction to take the actions necessary to achieve the desired results,THAT IS CHANGING THE CULTURE.

See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It

See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It: Steps to Accountability

  1. See It: Is recognizing and understanding what must be done.
  2. Own It: Is investing in and committing to getting done what must be done.
  3. Solve It: Is determining how to elminate the obstacles and making sure are the necessary elements needed to succeed are in place.
  4. Do It: Get the intended results in the intended way.

One must understand that a "result" is something that is done or is going to be done vs. a goal which is something that is desired to get done, but may not be sucessfully accomplished. The aim of "Change the Culture, Change the Game" is based on getting desired results. A goal is simply a target. For example, as sales forecast is a target; however, a quarterly earnings report is a result.

If you are a business owner, a business manager, a department manager, or in any way are involved in the management of people that affect your financial business bottom line, you NEED to read, understand, and apply the methods taught in this book.

"he Oz Prinicpal" Audio Book
"he Oz Prinicpal" Audio Book

Other Books of Business Value by Smith, Connors, Et Al

The Oz Principal by Craig Hickman, Tom Smith, and Roger Connors

The definitive book on workplace accountability by the New York Times bestselling authors of How Did That Happen?

Since it was originally published in 1994, The Oz Principle has sold nearly 600,000 copies and become the worldwide bible on accountability. Through its practical and invaluable advice, thousands of companies have learned just how vital personal and organizational accountability is for a company to achieve and maintain its best results. Source:


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