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Best Marketing Strategy

Updated on June 3, 2012

Today, Companies are Rapidly Changing Traditional Marketing Media to the Effective & cheaper Ad Media

There are a billions of companies in the world who provides their products or services either in a specific countries or worldwide as per their structure and planning. These companies always want to get profit by selling maximum of their products and services worldwide. They always try to increase their business regularly and their customer base. Business only can increase when the company and it's products or services is being reached upto the base of the company i.e. customer who required their product or services. If the company reaches upto these customers and describe their products and if they can attract these customers towards their product or services, then it is easy to increase the business. Nowadays we know that customers becomes very choosy and they can not be simply conveyance by anyone and believe only on performance of the products or services. He compares the product specification with the product available in the market by other companies. After the comparison by look, cost and other factors, he choose the best from available alternatives.

But here is a question how we will reach upto these customers? answer is very simple and that is, by proper advertising of the products or services. This is only the tool which not only cane increase the base of company but also attract the customers towards your product or services and hence profitability also. This is only the way by which any business can be increased. Since long we have seen that these companies are using some traditional marketing Media for the advertising of their products or services. These traditional media may be any one from Television, Newspapers, Magazines, hoardings or any other media.

After the internet revolution, as the time passes the new technologies came and peoples started to use it the scenario changed and the companies felt to use other marketing media also. Nowadays we have seen that the Internet users all over world are increasing very rapidly. One survey says that currently more that 200 Billion Internet users are worldwide and they are increasing 5 times more every year.. So, now this big base are now in the target of the companies and they are looking these internet users as a soft target for their products or services. And hence the companies are now using this new ideas for the advertising their products or services. Now the companies have started advertising in internet marketing media i.e. Websites in the mass and showing more interest on these instead of advertising in the traditional marketing media. There are many reasons to use this new electronic marketing media and some common reasons are as followings-

1. Cheap - These ads media are very much cheap than other traditional marketing media because you are paying here for only the targeted customer, who really have interest on the products or services of the companies. Companies have to pay for their ads, only those customers who clicks their ads to see it. If anyone is not interested then he will not click and so companies will not pay for that. While in traditional marketing media companies pay very huge money. So by using these new media companies save it's money and increases profit.

2. Effective - Since the interested customers only will see their ads so the customer will see the products or services very carefully and thus will affect for the products or services.

3. Easy - You can make an attractive and efficient ads very easily by using the software.

4. Targeted Based - Only the interested customer will see the ads. So only targeted customer is the base through internet advertising.

5. Profitable - As the advertising cost is very cheap so the profit increases because of a huge money from the revenue of the companies is wasted for the advertising of their product and services.

6. Increases Business - As the internet users are increasing all over world very rapidly the users increase will directly affect you business and so your business also increase.

7. Easy Editable - Whenever you want you can edit your ads without any

8. Flexibility - You can use a lot of variety of ads on the same page and at same cost. There is no any boundation to edit these ads whenever you need. You can frequent put or change daily your ads. There is very much flexibility in the internet marketing media.

9. Attractive - Since you can make the ads by using the software on computer so you can test these ads to make better and better by available millions of alternatives.

10. Time Saving - The customer as well as company have no boundation of time. Anyone can see these ads whenever they wants in office, home, online, offline based on their spare time.

11. Beneficial for customer - Since the cheap advertising advertising cost reduced which impact the costs of the products or services. Means the scope of the reduction in the cost of the products.

12. Full of Information - In the less space you can put a large number of data or you can put a link to give full details to the customers. So you need not to worry about the full details as in the traditional media.

As and when the 90% of the companies from the world will start to use these internet marketing media in the broad then there is a possibility that the reduced cost of the advertising will also be beneficial for the customers. And thus the market base of the traditional marketing media also may be effective. It will be a resolution in the area of the marketing media due to which we may get many items cheaper than today's cost.


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