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"Character Assination and Herman Cain"

Updated on December 28, 2013

Character Assassination and Herman Cain

Herman Cain, if you didn't know it is running for the Republican ticket for President of the United States of America. He has certainly captured my attention. it is more than refreshing to see a businessman running for the highest office in the land. I've spent the last thirty five years running a small business and I know just how hard it is.

About a week ago now Politico, a News media outlet dropped a real bomb on Herman Cain. The charges were Anonymous, nothing more than innuendo. What Politico did was no better than out and out character assassination. At the chant of Politico's unfounded anonymous charges of sexual harassment most of the liberal News agencies picked up the so called story. What Story? All of these left leaning media outlets have no specific charges of wrong doing. The media just seems to be repeating that there were sexual harassment charges made and settled in the 1990's, more to come this coming week. No one knows just what Cain is accused of or by whom the accusations are coming from. My question is, what will the assassins accuse Cain of at the end of the week.

The story from Politico is still in limbo, and some of the News anchors are looking bad at this point. Herman Cain's poll numbers are still up and his campaign fund is rising. The liberal left is still in charge, but looking like the spoiler. The left is still making baseless comments and charges. The left is running the train, but the train is about to backup over the accusers.

Until, or even if there are any specific charges in regard to Herman Cain committing the stated innuendo. If I were Herman I'de go about my campaign's business and understand that there are those that hate. Herman is of such good character that people are drawn to him simply because he is not political. Herman isn't that much different from the rest of mainstream America.

Until, and if this story ever finds more wrong doing on Herman's part, I'll be here looking for another story.


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