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Top 10 Characteristics of Talented Employees

Updated on October 9, 2017
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Kannan has had wide and varied work experience. He loves to interview people from different industries and write pages to help readers.

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

- Albert Einstien

Do you want to know the what makes an employee extraordinary from the ordinary?

What traits must you acquire in order to excel in the next appraisal?

Or simply you are in the process of hiring individuals to fill a position and want the best candidates. Then keep in mind the below points that you should look into the hirees. I have seen many people boasting about their qualifications and bringing in lengthy resumes to support. But what's the point when they aren't passionate about their work or are not punctual or dread deadlines.

Talented employees are the ones who will go the extra mile, be passionate about work, think out of the box, will lead by example, are future leaders capable of rational decision-making.

If not all the below even if you take a few and work towards then it will be beneficial to your career. You can expect the next promotion just around the corner beside getting monetary rewards.

The below are very simple points which all of us know but hardly take the effort to implement it.

Simple and Effective Points we Often Ignore

1 | Professional

Talented employees are true professionals. They are at their work whole-heartedly and don't need someone to keep an eye on them. They are self-motivated and inculcate that attitude in other team members. Well dressed and polite in their appearance. May it be introverts of extroverts but they will always speak when necessary.

They are ones who read about the industry they are working keeping abreast all the recent news. Apart from that they always love to learn more and take appropriate training from time to time. They will be the ones who will put their hands up when the team requires and will always volunteer to help other members and departments.

2 | Punctual

It would be rare to spot them coming late in the office and as well they often don't stay extra working hours. They come on time and leave on time. They manage their work so well that they don't need to stay back late. Unplanned leaves are a big NO for them and they plan their leaves well ahead.

When they get some project they work on it piece by piece breaking it in small achievable targets. They just love deadlines and it makes them even more efficient. If for some reason they are not able to complete the project they will justify it with all the right points. But that hardly happens for talented employees. Efficiency is a priority to them.

3 | Motivated and Productive

Motivation comes when one actually loves what they are doing. One important trait of excellent employees is that they are self-motivated. So much so that they are an inspiration for others and with their work, they motivate others too.

They have their head and heart at the right place. And they never indulge in gossiping about the shortcomings of the boss or the organization.

Their productivity will often surpass business needs. Even if there are major unforeseen problems that won't hinder their productivity levels. They are capable of handling issues as well as achieving what is expected from them.

4| Smart, Sensible, and Skilled

I call it the 3S which is the most important from this list. They are smart and sensible towards the work they are doing. They know that being smart is nothing but achieving company objectives and goals.

They are skillful and work towards improving their skillset. When there is a training program you'll find such people joining them very often. They will invest time and money to stay ahead of the competition.

They are sensible in every aspect of the task at hand. They don't bog down their superiors. They know their responsibility in the team and never ever will shirk them. On the contrary, they will always give a helping hand to their colleagues.

5 | Assertive

They are assertive and not aggressive. Confidence shows in their work. When approaching other employees they are assertive in their approach even if the other side is known as a trouble-maker. They are not easily swayed by office politics and maintain a safe distance from it.

Positive attitude, open-mindedness, calmness are some innate qualities. And employ these qualities in handling tricky situations or problematic employees. They are commanding but do not dominate others.

6| Emphatic

Just taking forward the above point another important trait of talented and passionate employees is that they are emphatic. They try and build an image in the office of someone whose ability and character can't be doubted.

This cultivated image helps them in getting things done in an efficient manner. Even if the real personality is mild outside the office environment. Their focus is getting the best out of thyself and others. They give importance to organizational interest rather any individual. Most importantly, they treat others the same way as they like for themselves.

7| Good Communicators

Their special ability is to communicate effectively and persuasively. They build a good rapport with their customers, vendors, and even competitors. When it comes to interdepartmental communication they excel in this as well. Networking comes easily to them.

When it comes to drafting emails and other written documents they don't require anyone's help. They have polished their written communication with proper use of grammar etc. They also know the importance of proofreading their written communication.

They love to give presentations and are well at speaking. They are active members of office meetings and will always come up with innovative yet practical solutions to the problem at hand.

8| Fast Learners and Adaptable

Whenever a new software or process improvement is done at their job level they are the ones to quickly learn the new things. They are tech savvy and have industry knowledge.

Adaptability is acquired not when getting adjusted to larger things but even to smaller changes. For instance, they won't fret and fume when they don't find their regular chair. Instead, they get adapted to the newer surroundings (In this case the chair). So when a new opportunity arises to travel in a foreign country they are chosen as they can adapt to newer conditions seamlessly.

9 | Decision Makers and Passionate

When the boss or the manager of the team is on leave or is out for other business commitments then these people take center stage and make decisions that are beneficial. Over time they show their approach to take counter a situation rationally and emerge out of it as a winner.

They are reliable decision makers and are passionate towards it.

10 | Have a Vision

Lastly, they have a vision for themselves and for the organization. In simpler terms, they think of long-term and strive to achieve their long-term goals.

© 2017 Kannan Reddy


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