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What are the Characteristics Good Follower? Ways to be a Responsible Follower

Updated on May 26, 2015

Our life in this world has no definite destination. We don’t know the exact time of our birth and we don’t know if when God get back the life He gave to us. So we must live our life to the fullest and fulfill our duty. One of our duties is to disperse the goodness and humbleness to your neighbor.

At present, crimes are very rampant in every corner of this globe. Truly means that it is really hard to show our humility to others. Are goodness and humbleness truly disappeared? These are the hardest thing to understand and apply especially the way we treat our neighbors. What is the meaning of goodness or humbleness and what is the connection of this to our relationships to others?

The word goodness or humbleness has the same meaning. Goodness is from the root word “good” means excellence, kindness or the state or quality of being good. Humbleness refers to our inner self or real self. Our inner or real self is called the morality of human. Within the inner self it involves the real values essence of humanity and according to some authors; all values and virtues widen our goodness or humbleness.

John Maxwell The 5 Levels of Leadership

  • According to Aristotles, a Greek philosopher states the meaning of goodness or humbleness. He is the student of Platon and Alexander the Great. His philosophy has a lifetime influence in developing all the western philosophy.

One of the works of Aristotles is Ethics of Nikomac. This is where ethics talk about happiness. He said that it doesn't depend on how you idolize your idol in molding your own personality. Being true to yourself is rooted in the nature in acting your goals.

Also, according to him, the ultimate end or the final destination of human is happiness. But where we can find happiness? Did we need it? Human needs moral virtue, but we have thought that happiness has unique qualities. This is a lifetime and active. This is where we can see the goals that doing good can give true happiness to an individual. You will have true personality if you learn, know and treat your neighbor with goodness and humbleness.

Followers | Source

Responsibilities of a Follower

Many people want to be a leader. But, some are contented and choose to be a follower, why is it? People choose to be a follower because of what he receives, whether for himself or for the group. Some are forced to follow because they are afraid of authority. Some follow because they trust and agreed to the principles of their leader, who are ready to give their life to their leader. There are also people who are blind as a follower; they are always following even without thinking. Often times, they call them as a person without disposition for themselves.

The responsibility of the follower is to do a right action accurately to what his leader wants to establish to achieve the goals of their group. He is responsible to make an active decision and he must show an interest and literacy in working. He is reliable and has an ability to do with his group. He knows the authority of a leader and he knows his limitations in his actions, opinions, and responsibility to his possible effects of his work.

leadership and followership
leadership and followership | Source

According to Kelly (1992), there are five levels of fellowship. He said these five levels are basing to the score of two components: way of thinking (if critical or not) and participation (active or not).

Levels of Followership
Way of Thinking

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Skills that must improve by a follower (Kelly, 1992)

A genuine follower knows how to think critically and participate actively in achieving the goals of the group he belong. A responsible follower possesses the different skills that he must learn and develop.

1. Job skills- This will develop through having a focus, commitment, determination to add an ability in working and help the group voluntarily

2. Organizational skills- this will develop through knowing and developing relationships to his group and others.

3. Job component- this will develop if he follows his conscience which serves as a guide in doing his work and for developing the relationship to others.

Ways to improve to become a responsible leader & good follower:

Having a misunderstanding between the leader and follower is a hindrance to have a bright decision. Sometimes having a different style of decision and having mistrust are the problems of the group. Groups need a responsible leader and follower. The group will become successful if both of them execute their role through:

  1. Expressing their opinion clearly and with respect.
  2. Listening and understanding the idea of other members.
  3. Being always in every meeting and active participation in every works.
  4. Full-support to their members.
  5. Sharing information, experiences, and knowledge to every member.
  6. Help the group voluntarily.
  7. Understanding and coping to every change.
  8. Solving the problems together with other member.
  9. Having commitment
  10. Being reliable and responsible.

Whether you follow our lead as a responsible leader or follower, you can help and show love to your neighbor, your life will have the sense in accepting your responsibilities. And at the end, your livelihood becomes more effective and productive as you take your life.


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    • profile image

      sheilamyers 4 years ago

      Ken: I also consider you a friend.You say you only have a few friends here, but don't worry about that. If you keep writing such useful and interesting hubs, more and more people will follow you.

    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 4 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      Thank you sheila for always remembering me and commenting on my hubs. You are the reason why I stay here and create hubs since you are just one of my few friends here, maybe your just my friend here. lol We truly have the same attitude, sometimes i don't like the idea of the leader and start to open discussion and suggest other ideas.

    • profile image

      sheilamyers 4 years ago

      To be honest, even though I answered your question by saying I'm a good follower isn't always true. I'm sure you've been in situations where you're part of a team and actually know more than the leader. When that happens to me, it often frustrates me and I work harder trying to convince the leader there's a better way to do something than actually working. So I'll say that most of the time I'm a good follower. I'll have to remember your list of ways to be both a good follower and a good leader. Great hub!