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Chartered Accounting Firm for Your Business’ Success

Updated on August 13, 2013


In the history of trade, Chartered Accounting firms have long been an integral and trusted sector. The ICAEW or the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales is currently the lead accounting organization in the country. Since its first introduction in the late eighteen hundreds, the organization was later given a royal charter. Under this certification, accounting bodies need to undergo a slew of the most analytical and rigorous screening and testing, and scrutinization of any experience that is accounts related, anywhere across the globe.

Accountants in the Old Times

Prior to the onslaught of the early industrial revolution, and prior to the development of many multinational companies; accountants were typically seen as nothing more than bookkeeping specialists. These were individuals who expertly worked on recording fiscal transactions as well other people's balances.


These days, the task of an accountant, even for start-up companies can be much underrated although proven to be extremely beneficial. Not only does today’s accountant have to be technically proficient they should as well be capable of dealing with the growing intricacy of logistics and business accounting, should have the capacity to deal with transactions involving assets that depreciate, estimation of inventory, and of course the venture’s insurance and other related dues. Thus in the contemporary world, chartered accounting firms are one of the most essential factors necessary for a business to prosper.

What to Expect from a Chartered Accounting Firm

One cannot expect a multitude of responsibilities required in a successful business to be performed alone by accountants. The diverse specialised selections in every field bring about the need for employees who can work on each aspect full time. Some examples of this are logistics, taxation, manufacturing, regulation, payroll and welfare, cross currency and depreciation, expenditures and revenue, as well as risk management and even legalities.


The most viable solution in a business with much internal complexity is to turn to a lineup of accountants who are dedicated to completing their tasks. Like many other sectors of a business, chartered accounting teams are highly specialised in their field. Expect to have an in-house expert in tax, payroll, P&L, and so forth. Employing these individuals can be compared to employing a marketing or PR firm. The main difference is that chartered accountants are recognised as the most trained and heavily structured specialists in their field.


The current expert chartered accounting firms go beyond the simple recording and presentation of data; in fact they are as vital as any other sector of a business. This means that they are expected to continuously find new methods of decreasing costs in areas such as import and export duties, shipping, licensing, etc.


Any business that is considering the services of a chartered accountant should consider this as much an upgrade as perhaps having an intern doing your marketing, then changing to a highly efficient and award winning marketing department. The different factors that are presented will not only give peace of mind, especially in terms of finances, but will also provide an established foundation for the business for years to come.


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      5 years ago

      i am doin a BBA degree,my aim is to be Chartet am i goin 2 do 2 become a CA.Plz reply


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