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Chauffeur Driven Concepts Are the New Luxury

Updated on May 25, 2015

Built-in automotive concepts overflowing with functionality and aesthetical appeal are the new “in” thing with automotive manufacturers, with everyone from Cadillac to Volvo introducing something innovative along these lines.

The Lounge Console from Volvo

This advancement not only adds an element of luxury to executive cars, but also seems to alleviate complexities from a chauffeur’s job, thus allowing the passengers to synergize better with chauffeur driven environments. For starters, let’s take Volvo’s latest “lounge console” concept into perspective.

By practically employing this concept in its cars, Volvo, one of the leading car manufacturers, revealed its ultimate chauffeur driven model XC90, at the Shanghai auto show. The show has a great chunk of it dedicated to showcasing the innovation of many car companies. With high-end functions and features, the concept provides space for extended storage and comfort. The front passenger seat is replaced with an executive seat at the back to allow a passenger to stretch his legs forth completely and feel relaxed. Besides that, a table has also been fixed, which upon opening, reveals a mirror and includes a tray to keep some personal things. Moreover, the table can also rotate forward to show a 17-inch display screen that can be used for entertainment. To top it all off, a comfortable leg rest and extra space for shoes has also been provided.

A Truly Calculated Decision

Volvo’s XC90, with its incredible back seat features, seems to be an appealing launch especially for the buyers who prefer to be driven rather than drive. According to the company, while developing this concept, it went through “ethnographic” research in order to sketch an accurate picture of what high-profile customers require, based on their lifestyles. The research shaped the XC90 to provide an experience that is a combination of aesthetics, dynamics and most importantly, premium.

In his official statement, Thomas Ingenlath, the senior Vice President of design at Volvo, said, “People who are on the move and have a hectic lifestyle going from event to event or meeting to meeting need some space, some luxury time, and the opportunity to relax and refresh themselves for the next engagement. This is ultimately what the Lounge Console is designed to facilitate.”

Innovation That Trains Chauffeurs On-the-Go

Another example is Rolls Royce’s White Glove chauffeur training program. The iconic English brand introduced the handle of a full sized umbrella at the rear door of its Phantom car in order to shield their clients from blazing sun rays, as well as blazing lens of the Paparazzi.

Similarly, last month in April at the New York International Auto Show, Cadillac introduced its latest model CT6, available from 2016. The model, which is available in three different engine sizes, incorporates extensive features such as the blind spot detection technology, increased night vision as well as Magnetic Ride Control that allows the passengers to soften or reinforce the ride with a single button. Moreover, in order to provide amenities to the passengers sitting at the back, the car has incredible features including lumbar arrangements, massage features, tilting cushions and an armrest with media options and HDMI/USB ports.

The whole dynamic is sort of changing the overall theme of auto shows as they are equally about showcasing innovation now, as much as introducing new models. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation for technology and innovation.

Global Trends for Global Cities

Where on one side, this innovation seems to dignify a chauffeur’s personality, it also gives the chauffeur companies in London an opportunity to modernize their chauffeur driven executive cars. This way, the executive chauffeurs can not only inculcate more professionalism but also raise their standard of service. Most importantly, all these innovative trends synergize with lifestyles found and promoted in global cities like London. A London chauffeur service can very easily market these high-end cars to their clients.

The technological advancement holds significance for the automobile industry in the longer run. State-of-the-art technology eventually translates into customer retention and loyalty. It’s a case of “the more innovation, the merrier.” Looking at the way technological advancement in cars has changed lifestyles, the future bodes well in terms of offering customers more than just a ride on-board a machine….it offers an experience.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Very interesting article.


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