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Cheap BusinessCards

Updated on March 11, 2011

Have you ever had 500 or a 1000 or more business cards printed in a shop with all your necessary information so you can hand out to those potential clients so they can contact you back and then for some reason or another one of your phone numbers changes or you opt for a different email address or something of the sort?

You are working for a company or for yourself and you juggle part time jobs after work or your weekends are filled with another revenue generating activity that you master.

Just one business card layout will not do. You got to have a personalized and eye appealing business card for each and every activity you do that generates income that ends up in your pocket.

If you go to a print shop and have only 100 or 200 cards of each activity printed up you could have higher overheads, in small numbers they will not come cheap.

As long as you got a computer a printer and a guillotine or a paper cutter you´re set up to make business cards yourself and save a lot of money.

On your main job your boss will supply those business cards, for your extra part time work just make your business card in your computer using either Word or Microsoft Publisher.

A 5cm by 9cm biz card is usually the norm.

Business card programs are available on the market along with pre-cut cards, but I guess you will see that the edges of those pre-cut cards do not have a clean cut and again you want to show professionalism and not cheapness through your cards that you give out, so using a guillotine or a paper shearer would be your best bet.

Word is basically what I use because I had already made a business card template many years ago and I can fit 10 cards in an A4.

Microsoft Publisher gives you many options that you can explore. When you finally got your card design ready and have them laid out on an A4, make sure you use 100gr or 120gr plus paper, and as well check that your printer can handle that sort of thicker paper.

Once you got it printed, just cut it to size and you got business cards that look professional and appealing and whenever there is an alteration in your card information you can just print new ones for a fraction of the price.


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