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What You Should Know About Cheap Commercial Insurance

Updated on June 10, 2010

By choosing cheap commercial insurance now to keep your costs down you are ultimately costing yourself more money over a longer period of time, that's more money from your business. Insurance should be thought about as a basic expense to run your business, such as payroll, shipping, and inventory are.

However a lot of business owners don't think of it this way. They will quite often think about it as a required action, and of course yes, some things like commercial liability insurance is actually required by statute, however to most of the starting business owners out there a cheap, run of the mill, basic commercial insurance plan is all they can can currently afford, and maybe they think they don't need more then that as well.

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It Can't Be That Bad To Cut A Little Money For A Little Coverage

This way of thinking is common in today's business world, we all can understand that! A business has to go through and consider, research and keep track of every one of it's costs, and we can all agree that one of the largest expenses is commercial insurance. Everyone wants to save money in every little or big place that they can, and while this is completely understandable and reasonable, you have to consider that sometimes spending less money up front means lower quality which will often end up costing you much more money in the end. Especially with choosing commercial insurance.

As a business owner, or even if you are a world wide business owner, one of the first things you should think about is how much coverage to do require to protect all of your assets from possible claims that may happen? While you can often times find commercial insurance that meets the standards and requirements of the law for less money spent from your pocket, you have to ask yourself if that coverage will completely cover you in case some unexpected event happens. In Instance, your commercial liability pays claims all the way up to a million dollars, however you're liable for a million and a half.

Your business will have no choice but to have to cover the rest of the difference that is left between what your liability policy did cover and of course what was in the end ordered by the court. You have to think about it. Would you realistically have the extra five hundred thousand dollars to fix this or would it have to be the end of your business? Could your business survive that?

Things To Consider When Looking For Commercial Insurance

Finding and obtaining commercial insurance quotes may be a long, and boring task, I know that, however here are some things for you to consider to help you stay away from falling into the horrible trap of cheap insurance and will help you choose the right package for you:

1. Insurance companies as all other businesses are in this to make money. While often times the commercial insurance agents are representing these companies are portraying themselves as individual people who are interested in your welfare only, keep in mind that just like everyone else they do have to make a living and put food on the table, and they can sometimes send you a policy that won't give you the actual coverage you need if something does happen.

2. Sit yourself down and take a little time to add up your assets. Figure out how much commercial insurance you would need if something bad was to happen to them suddenly. You must also think about how much you will need to keep up on the bills if your business was to stop producing an income for a period of time, make sure you come up will realistic answers. In instance, lets just imagine that part of your building has been burned, you need to find a way to pay the expenses until it was fully repaired and functional again. How would you do this?

3. Meet with a number of various certified insurance plan brokers, and then thoroughly do a comparison of coverages and rates. Keep in mind, that different commercial insurers explain their different coverages in different ways. In the event that you do not fully grasp the complicated, confusing as well as at times tricky terms, consult the brokers about precisely what it means.


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