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Three Tips To Get A Cheap Commercial Insurance Quote

Updated on June 3, 2010

Business owners whether they own a small business or a large business are both looking for the cheapest commercial insurance they can get their hands on. It takes a lot of time and energy and can be difficult to choose the right insurance company to covers their business and still be able to keep the budget.

The current economy has put tons of people out of work, and many businesses out of business. Not just business that were small and started in this current time but also well established businesses. Because of this it can be very hard for you to find and be provided with a cheap insurance quote. They have all started matching up the best plan for your business but also the best plan for the insurance company, which often means you get a more expensive price.

Three Things

Keep reading, in this article I am going to give you three simply ways to get a cheap commercial insurance quote.

  • Providers
  • Websites
  • Brokers

Image credit: Found on Google images
Image credit: Found on Google images

Finding Cheap Commercial Insurance Quotes Websites:

There are many websites now that can compare commercial insurance quotes for you. This method of comparing a couple of commercial insurance quotes can be good for you, and if you are a small business owner it can be ever better for you sine you most likely do not have the extra money to hire a broker.

On the other hand there is a disadvantage to getting a commercial insurance quote online. That is that is is much harder to ask questions and it will be hard to clarify things you do not understand, depending on the website this may or may not be true because there are a lot of websites that will have a number you can call to ask questions, or even a live chat area.

Using Brokers To Get A Cheap Commercial Insurance Quote:

If you have the available funds to hire a broker and do not wish to or have the time to go researching through all the insurance companies out there and the policies, then being able to hire an insurance broker comes in handy.

Insurance brokers will often have a better extent of knowledge of the insurance industry then almost anyone else out there, and they will know about policies and quotes as well.

Your broker should ask questions about your business or ask you to explain your business to them. This is not because they are nosy or trying to get information that doesn't belong to them. This is because in order for them to find the best commercial insurance policy out there for your business they have to know what your business.

Once they find out what kind of coverage your business needs they can start looking for a commercial insurance quote . Always remember this saying: "going cheap is not brilliance, spending too much is not intelligent either." If you can balance the need for a cheap commercial insurance quote and the right amount of commercial insurance coverage then you have the key to a successful business. Or, at least the success in this area which is a very important one for your business.

From Providers:

Before you reach out to all of the insurance providers with you list of requirements, talk to the people who have businesses close to your size using that company if you can. See what they say and what they think about the company, their  experiences with them etc. Then after that you can go after talking to the company if you still like the idea of that company, if what you heard about them didn't make you nervous or unwilling to use them. If you didn't like what the people who are using the company it doesn't matter how flashy their advertisements were or how low the commercial insurance quote was, don't go with them.


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