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Cheap Copy Paper

Updated on September 14, 2012

What Type of Copy Paper Do I Need?

For your everyday paper concerns, regular multifunctional copy paper will do the trick. With this you can copy any documents or reports. If you are doing a large amount of printing, then multifunctional is likely the way to go. In fact, if you really do not care so much about the quality of the copy but are more after printing a bunch of copies, go with cheap copy paper. Copy paper has a low quality page and gives a low quality print, but sometimes you don't need quality.

But what if you are after a more refined copying experience? For more sophisticated and higher quality copying paper, you will need more than just a standard printer. Get an ink-jet printer and the ink-jet copy paper to go with it. Or get a laser printer and the laser copy paper to go along with it. These are not the cheapest options, but if you need high quality, you must go with something more than just multifunctional paper.

Places You Can Go To Get Copies

When you cannot get your copies printed at home, there are many places you can go to for getting copies. Your local library is a great place to start for small copy jobs. But you shouldn't monopolize the library's resources for a project of any size. This is rude and you may be kicked out of the library.

There are several businesses which specialize in copy projects. They will do sizeable jobs too. Kinkos is a great place well known for their copying. Fedex is another famous name. These places also sell copy paper but it usually isn't too cheap. Go here if you want to get the job done by somebody else.

If you really want to buy the copy paper and make copies yourself, go to an office supply store. Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples are the places to shop. You will have to visit all three places or maybe do a search online to find which store offers the cheapest copy paper. Checking the internet for price comparison is the only way to compare prices in a consice manner. You can get the price of copy paper at, say Office Depot, then find out if Staples has any cheap copy paper, all before you finish your breakfast.

Go Cheap

It is alright to go cheap in certain areas of our lives. No reason to feel guilty about getting cheap copy paper. Friends seldom judge you by the type of copy paper you buy. They might judge you by the content on the paper, and will definitely judge you by the car in your driveway. But I can't change that.

Feel free to go cheap in these two areas: copy paper and dog food. Your dog will never complain and neither will your printer.


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