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Cheap, Free, College And Government Funded Bricklaying Courses For The Unemployed

Updated on January 16, 2015

Cheap, Free, College and Government Bricklaying Courses.

Brick laying may be a dieing trade, but there is still enough work out there to accommodate more skilled and qualified brick layers.

There are many courses which offer people a chance to learn how to become a bricklayer. Many, through jargon and a play on words, can leave a trainee frustrated and without the knowledge required to earn a living. Some of the bricklaying courses will relieve you of your money no matter what the outcome.

WARNING - Internet Advertised Cheap Bricklaying Courses

Cheap bricklaying courses which last less than a week and promise the applicant a chance to become self employed are not worth bothering with. No-one can learn all that is required by a bricklayer within a week. The training on these courses is provided by a professional and qualified bricklayer, but the trainee does not learn that much is the short amount of time allocated to each class.

If a cheap bricklaying course does not offer a recognizable qualification at the end of the course, such as an NVQ ( UK) then you should avoid the course. Many courses offer or provide a certification to show that a person has had basic training in brick laying, but nothing more. This will not get you employment with a company and it does not qualify you to start your own business.


Each person entering a construction site in the UK must possess a valid CSCS card. IT IS THE LAW.

Links below for CSCS card mock exams.

Free Link: Case Study mock exam.

College Bricklaying Courses

College bricklaying courses vary in the amenities and timescale offered. Some college courses require you to find a placement. A placement is where you work alongside a trained and qualified bricklayer in order to further your education.

The college will then offer you a one day a week training course to coincide with your placement. This will be fully funded by both the government and your employer.

The bricklaying college course duration is usually two years. At the end you will receive your NVQ ( UK ) and if you wish to take your training further, you can apply for another course. Without a recognised qualification, any training is only classed as manual training, and not enough for any qualification.

The qualification is what the employers will look for when interviewing possible candidates for employment opportunities.

Government Funded Bricklaying Courses

Train to be a bricklayer and a decent annual salary can be earned even if the economic crises continues. Government funded bricklaying courses are difficult to obtain, but are available. They are usually for school leavers aged between 16 - 24 years, but can be obtained by anybody through your local job centre or employment office.

If you do not satifactory answers from your employment officer, try another way. Some private bricklaying companies will advertise free bricklaying courses, sponsored by the local town hall. Get them to arrange the funding on your behalf, most will assist you to ensure they get the grant to train you.

They will assist you with all the necessary paperwork and point you in the right direction.

Manchester Skills Centre

The Manchester Skills Centre can lay on many free courses from bricklaying, mechanics and plastering to IT and hairdressing.

Age or sex is of no concern, anybody in the North West of England can attend this centre, and it's all free. Call them to ask for a centre for training near to where you live in the UK.


CSCS Card ( UK )

It is IMPORTANT for you to obtain your CSCS card (UK). The CSCS card permits an individual to work on a building site. The test itself is simple if you do a few hours of reading the condensed revision notes. A bricklayer must have a CSCS card before they can begin working on a building site.

Free Links To:-

Government Funded CSCS Cards

Free Mock CSCS Exam

Free Condensed Revision Notes For The CSCS Exam


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