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Cheap & Free Government Funded Plastering Courses For The Unemployed

Updated on July 22, 2017

Cheap and free plastering courses for the unemployed.

Career prospects are literally not going to be presented to you unless you make a start yourself.

Cheap plastering courses are not a thing of the past, but many of the courses advertised DO NOT train a person significantly enough for them to become qualified or even competent.

Any career path which you are choosing has one main goal, to earn you a decent wage and provide a good lifestyle.

You cannot do this unless the plastering course you choose provides adequate training and allows you to learn all the aspects of the trade.

Become a plasterer in four days. Only $99 / £99


The cheap plastering courses which offer a person the chance to create their own business with a cheap 4 - 5 day plastering course, is totally nonsense and a complete waste of money.

No person can learn the plastering trade in less than a week. These courses maintain that they can make a plasterer out of anybody in no time at all. It may not be classed as a con, but their claims are ridiculous. Ask any person whom has tried plastering.

If this was the case, the world would be inundated with plasterers. These courses will give you a quick lesson in many. but not all, of the aspects of plastering.

The definition of the lesson is that you watch a proficient plasterer plaster a wall, then you have a go. A little talk on how to mix a standard plaster, and a fair amount of 'How To' leaflets which can be found for free on the internet, the end.

You may be more wise to watch you tube videos and learn how to plaster at home from them.

You do not get a recognised qualification. You may get a certificate stating that you have undergone a basic trial at plastering which means nothing. Keep clear of these courses which promise the earth and only deliver disappointment but do relieve you of money.

Cheap College Courses For Plastering

Cheap college courses for plastering are difficult to find, as nothing comes cheap, and you may need to travel and spend time away from home.

It is essential that any course or training you undertake involves a recognised qualification at the end of the course. If this is not offered, then do not do the course.

Many construction colleges offer plastering courses over a period of time. Many plasterer courses will be held for one day a week with the applicant taking a placement with a qualified plasterer for the rest of the week.

This will involve you working alongside a trained professional plasterer to learn from them whilst also training with your college of choice to attain your qualification.

Unfortunately, these courses can be for a period of two years, and for some, one day a week for two years seems a waste of time. But on the flip side of the coin, you will gain valuable manual instruction and experience from your placement and a qualification from the college.

Two years out of your life to train will provide you with a good income later on, self employment prospects, and the chance to get employment with a company, something which is thin on the ground due to the current global financial crises.

Government Funded Plastering Courses

Government Funded Plastering Courses are usually available, but only if you are aged 18 - 24 years. The majority of people over that age find it more difficult to get onto one of these schemes, but not impossible.The job centre holds the key to attaining a place on a plastering training course.

Without a job centre referral, you may not get on any of the plastering courses which are government funded. But you may get a college place using your own initiative.

CSCS Card Required ( UK )

A CSCS ( Construction Skills Certification Scheme ) card is required for you to begin work on any construction site. Do not pay extortionate fees to private companies whom promise the card in one or two days. The test itself costs only £17.50 ( as of 2012/13 ). Look on the internet to find your local booking office and book it yourself.

These are FREE links, with FREE products, absolutely nothing to pay, but they will help you pass the CSCS test.

Government Funding For The CSCS Card

Free Mock Test For The CSCS Exam

Condensed Revision Notes For The CSCS Exam


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