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Cheap Marshalltown Trowels, Floats and Other Plastering Tools For Sale Online For Plasterers At Discounted Prices

Updated on August 1, 2012
Marshalltown Float
Marshalltown Float

Reviews & Sales of Plasterers Floats, Trowels and Other Tools.

You are only as good as the tools you use. Buying a cheap and somewhat nasty plastering floats usually results in below par workmanship and the handle can fall off within a few weeks.

Buying a cheap plasterers float from a source where it cannot be returned in case of problems, may also be a costly error or simply a false economy. A professional plasterer knows only to well that tool reliability is tantamount in the construction industry.

All the tools advertised on this page have been used by tradesmen over the years ( including myself ) The performance and durability of each item is second to none. The cost may be a bit more than buying a cheaper version or a copy, but what price can a person put on their business.

Marshalltown Trowels / Floats

Marshalltown floats are one of the leading float makers in the world, and professionals around the globe use them daily. Each trowel is crafted to pure perfection for the modern plasterers busy life.

Each Marshalltown float is guaranteed both under the sellers and the manufacturers terms of normal use agreement.

This lightweight Marshall Town trowel / float is ideal for both amateurs and professionals alike. Designed to last for years under normal use, this make of trowel is not the cheapest, but it is possibly one of the best.

Click on the smaller images to view full selection, discounts available, and shipment details.

The soft and durable handles on the Marshalltown range are ideal for constant work. They allow the hands to feel each stroke of the trowel whilst plastering or rendering and helps reduce fatigue on the hands.

This float is excellent for producing a highly polished surface ( Venetian look ) and is 11 x 3 3/4 inches with beveled edges and radius corners.

Bucket Trowels

Cheap Bucket Trowels are easily bought in any hardware store in any city or town. The only difference is, the Marshalltown range will still be going strong in years to come, whereas cheaper versions will only last several weeks on average. This is called a false economy.

The Marshalltown range is synonymous with durability and quality. Bucket trowels are so called because of their flat end which allows plaster to be taken more easily out of the bottom of a bucket. Having all your tools engraved is an option which most trades people take to help prevent theft or mix ups with other trade people.


Click on the smaller images to view full selection available.

Corner Trowel

This little trowel provides a rounded 90 degree angle. Clicking on the smaller image will allow a view and price list of drywall corner trowels and others which most plasterers use. Good plaster trowels are made of stainless steel.

Some plasterers opt for a pre-worn trowel, whilst other like to break their own trowels in through work. Marshalltown provides a complete selection of both suitable for any would be plasterer.

Lath / Drywall Hammer

Heavy lath or drywall hammers can add stress and strain to joints and muscles. A well balanced 14oz hammer is perfect for most users. The lightness of a 14oz hammer restricts injury and permits less aching whilst in constant use.

Shipping available almost world wide.


All the tools bought through this page carry a universal guarantee for craftsmanship and durability. Goods not satisfactory can be returned under the warranty for a replacement or refund. Usual conditions apply.


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