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Checking Name Server Propagation for New Domains

Updated on February 23, 2013

This is going to be a very short hub meant for people who don't have any idea of name server propagation! For most people it will be fine since they buy the domain from their host (the domain comes free for the first year), however, an issue ( which you may think as a problem) may arise when the domain registrar and the host are different and you've to update the name server

Domain and Hosting Purchase: After that

Often your domain registrar and the web host are not the same! After you purchase a web hosting, you need to set the name servers of your domain, pointing to the host!

You update your sub directory from the domain central and install the WordPress. This at most may take 10 minutes, and you think, you can start your website! Well, that was how I felt things would work!

But, they were not so! After you update the name servers, it takes about 4 hours to 12 hours for the name servers to propagate globally! This means,

Whenever you type the domain name on the address bar, the web browser points to the name servers of your host and they find the sub directory to display the content (index.php and additional linking) For anything to be shown up in your browser, your name server should be propagated world wide. Normally some host provides a temporary access for you to work on, until the name servers do their job! ( You need to ask your web host for the temporary url)

How to Check the Propagation of the name Servers

You can check whether your name servers have propagated or not using

If you look into the screenshot, you can see the green tick marks, which suggest the name servers have propagated and there are zero warnings! Minutes before writing this hub my name servers were not propagated for a new domain which I registered. This made me write this hub, but after completing this hub, when I went to get a screenshot of "not propagated name servers", It was an Oh My God! The name servers did propagate, and just took less than 3 hours!

If name servers are not propagated, you'll find the red cross mark enlisted and failure of certain tests!

I really have nothing more to say in this, since I myself is not well versed with the "leaf" thing and the "dns" thing. It is just to let you know, you can check the status of your name server propagation with this website!

Name Server Propagation Check


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