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Chennai’s Culture, Job Sector and Other Highlights

Updated on April 27, 2015


Know all of Chennai
Know all of Chennai | Source

Knowing the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu

Chennai is a south Indian city. which keeps its culture intact and at the same time lives up to the expectations of the contemporary, technology driven world. Chennai, which is the capital city of Tamil Nadu has till now bagged may tags including 'Detroit of India', 'Cultural Capital of South India' and 'Gateway to South India'. Beyond these, the city is also considered to be among the most visited places in India.

Chennai is a city acknowledged for its cultural heritage and unwavering love for music and art. Besides, keeping its historical and cultural wealth intact, the city has displayed a tremendous growth in positioning itself as a city, that today's job seeker can look forward to. It is no more a city that only tourists or those belonging to it consider moving to. It has rather emerged to be among the fastest growing cities in India.

Jobs in Chennai

Find the best jobs in Chennai
Find the best jobs in Chennai | Source

Employment Sector in Chennai

Chennai holds a lot to it beyond its culture and historic wealth. The city, in the last few years has grown on all possible standards, including infrastructure and employment generation. Chennai is now among the most preferred job destinations for professionals all across the nation.


One of the sectors that make Chennai economically strong include automobile. The city contributes to 60% of the country's automotive exports. Almost 30% of the country's automobile industry lies here. Besides, it is base to around 35% of India's auto components industry. Many leading automobile brands such as BMW, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, and some others have their manufacturing facilities based in or around Chennai. This calls for better job vacancies in Chennai for those employed in automobile sector.


Chennai's software services have earned it accolades in the global market. It is among the prominent Indian cities for off shoring services. It houses varied national and international companies including eBay, Honeywell, Intel, Amazon, and Adobe Systems with their development centers in the city. This makes Chennai a major exporter of IT services in the global market.

Hardware Manufacturing

It is yet another industry that makes Chennai economically strong. Many multinational corporations have or are planning to have their manufacturing facilities here in the city. Some of these names include Dell, Nokia, Motorola, Cisco, Samsung, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson, and many others.

Financial Services

Also renowned as the 'Banking Capital of India', Chennai holds the potential to bring about alluring career opportunities in banking & finance. It is home to many national and commercial banks besides financial companies. Some of the leading financial companies with their operations in the city include World Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of America, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Goldman Sachs, HSBC and Deutsche Bank.


'Health Capital of India' is yet another title earned by this Indian city. Move to Chennai and you will find the best of healthcare institutions. This makes it a popular and most preferred destination among medical tourists.

Take A Look At the TCS Office in Chennai

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu


Prominent Events Hosted by Chennai

For all those looking forward to know Chennai to its core, nothing could be there than visiting the prominent events happening in the city. Chennai is an enriched city, which every year proudly hosts some events putting forward its culture, art and history. If you are looking forward to discover more of it, you should go on to be a part of these events conducted in the capital city of Tamil Nadu.

Madras Music Season

It's one of the biggest music events organised in South India in the month of December every year. Madras Music Season is a show welcoming talented musicians, who wish to put forward the various South Indian music forms and arts.

India Auto Expo

This is a motor show held in Chennai to display the newest range of motors launched by leading brands.

Mamallapuram Dance Festival

This dance festival is quite popular in the South India, which attract the competent dancers to participate. This dance festival is organized in Mahabalipuram, which is 60 km. from Chennai.

A cultural avenue in South India

Discover Chennai
Discover Chennai | Source

Places to visit in Chennai

The cultural wealth of Chennai is significant for India and for those who come to visit it all the way from those distant foreign countries. The city with its numerous cultural, religious and historical avenues, holds the potential to keep you accommodated during your stay in the city. You just need the urge and time to visit all of them and the city will make you feel astonished. From forts to museums, temples to churches, and to beaches, it has everything.

So, if you are moving to the city, you should know it all and find your gateway to the South India, i.e., Chennai.

  • Mahalingapuram Sree Ayyappa Temple
  • Marina Beach
  • Golden Beach
  • Parthasarathy Temple
  • Velankanni Church
  • Muttukadu
  • Mahabalipuram
  • Dakshina Chitra

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