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Choosing The Right Career - Advice To Parents And Students

Updated on September 26, 2015

How it feels when you make the wrong career choice


The right career choice gives you wings to fly high and above your competitors. Parents should only guide their children but allow them to make the decision. Choosing the wrong career is the beginning of a miserable professional life. Researches have shown that cases of job stress and unproductivity are higher in people who have no passion for what they do. Here are the tips which will help parents guide their children make the right career choice. It will also help students select the right courses which matches their career dream.

1. Consider the talent

A good parent will help his/her child identify the talent right from the tender age. This can only be achieved by allowing room for creativity. Enable your children make decisions as early as possible. Do not be so restrictive. Allow them to interact with their environment. Their environment means other children, moulding toys, playing in the field etc. From their interaction with the environment, you can be able to make a strong analysis of what he or she strongly likes. From there you can be able to grow this talent.

For students who are chosing careers it is always good to consider your talent. There is nothing more enjoyable like doing whatever you were made for the rest of your life. Do not be influenced by the money in the other courses, money will come when you have talent no matter what you are doing.

Discovering the talent of your kid


What are you highly passionate about?


Consider passion

A career means repetition of several almost similar activities or application of natural innovative skills.Life can be so hard and boring if you would be doing stuffs which your heart don’t really like in the name of money or fame. It will lead to the build-up of stress and poor health, disappointments and regret. People who do things which they are highly passionate about are more creative. They are more open to new ideas. For them, going to work is like going to a social club. They do not see their careers as the means to make money but as an opportunity to solve a certain problem and through this the gain income.

The future trends

When it comes to career choice, do not restrict your choices to the current trend. Try to analyse how the future labor force demands will be. Look at where your country will be economically, socially and politically. Consider how the future technological advancement will influence the demands of the services you will be offering.

The trend in labour market


The personality question



We are all unique in some ways. We have different qualities which make us suitable for some specific roles. There are some jobs which will favour introverts while others will favour extroverts. When guiding a child on career choice, a parent should take into consideration the kind of personality which the job demands.Does this match with your introvert or extrovert child? Students too should also know who they are. One can only fake for a few days but the real you must be discovered within the shortest time possible. It would be difficult for a person who is an introvert to work in a company where consultations and group work is the order of the day. Also, it would be a hell of tome for extrovert to be only restricted to personal work.

Choose a career that matches your settlement plans


The places that you want to live

Different jobs require operations in different settings. There are those which require their employee to keep on moving from one place to another. There are those which you will be only restricted to a single room. There are those which will require you to work from harsh areas like deserts or staying away from your families. Will it be possible for you?

Consider your hobbies

These are the things which like to do much whenever you have some free time. You should never ignore them when it comes to choosing the right career. It is through hobbies that you relieve pressures of some demanding schedules ,harsh boss etc. Lack of time or opportunity to participate in some of your hobbies will lead to the accumulation of stress which are job related which is unhealthy.

Consider the skills that you have

You are going to apply the skills that you have to solve problems in your career setting. Applying what is within you makes your career life enjoyable and extremely easy.

Which skills do you have?



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    • Suhaimizs profile image

      Suhaimi Zainal Shah 

      3 years ago from Singapore

      This is a good read. Useful and relevant information for students before deciding on their future career choice.


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