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Best Features Your Email Marketing Solutions Must Have

Updated on April 22, 2014

Every internet marketer agrees that targeted, permission-based email list is the core to success to every email marketing campaign. The traffic generated from this list will bring more conversion (if not equal) to the traffic generated from PPC campaign but rather a lot cheaper, thus increasing your profit margin. In order the maximize the conversion from your targeted, permission based email list, you'll need to have the right tool to effectively deliver your product or service to your prospects and subscribers. You need the right Email Marketing Solution.

Below are the Top Features Your Email Marketing Solutions Must Have to help you get the best results from all your email marketing activities:

These three features will get you extra mileage ahead of the competition. Not all email marketing solutions offer these type of features.

Smartphone Apps

  • iPhone & Android Apps - There are approximately over 1 billion active iPhone and Android users to date. The figure is just to much to ignore when we talk about getting ahead of the competition. With iPhone application on your marketing tools you can easily get the latest stats on your campaign and act on it instantaneously. You can easily add new subscribers the minute you meet them anytime, anywhere. When competition is tough, we can't afford to miss an opportunity to increase your list and keep your email marketing campaign on the right track!

  • Video Email - Give voice and face to your email marketing campaign with feature. Impress every prospect and keep every subscriber by using video email instead of conventional text and graphics, this will surely increase your bounce rate. Your subscribers and prospect would delighted and would eventually result conversions.

  • Email-to-Speech - Most mobile phones today have hands free feature. It is just wise to take advantage of a feature that will automatically convert text messages into high-quality human voice (email-to-speech) so subscribers can listen to your emails "hands free". So that whatever your prospect are doing or wherever they are you won't miss every opportunity to deliver the message on your campaign to them. this feature will increase your subscribers trust which would lead to loyalty and would eventually convert to sales. And that means more revenue for your business!

These features are most common among the leading email marketing solutions available today. However getting into the details of each feature and make use of it will help define your email marketing success.

  • Newsletter Templates - Make sure your emails look great and appealing to your audience! Plain text would bore your subscriber, instead, create a professionally designed, eye-catching, industry-based templates that would surely impress your target audience.
  • Image Gallery - They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With the Image Gallery feature, you get have access to thousands of stunning images and carefully chosen images you can use for your campaign. Start creating and sending emails that's worth more than a million words!
  • Online Surveys - The fastest and easiest way to find out what your customers needs is by email surveys. Get one with this feature, so you can get valuable feedback from your prospects and subscriber to help you improve products and services. Stay ahead of the competition with the right information!
  • Social Media Integration - Get social. Some if not most of your prospects are getting their "buzz" from social networks. You need to be there as well! Getting an email solution offering social media integration and social media features will make sharing your newsletters across all your networks a lot easier.
  • Email Analytics - Know your campaign stats, make each campaign better than the previous! Find an email solution that allows you to track every open, click, unsubscribe, and purchase. Use the data to see your campaign in different perspective, then analyze and make changes on your approach as necessary. Using this wisely will get ahead of the game.
  • Unlimited Follow Up Messages - Too many prospects, too little time? Are you losing sales from lack of email follow-up? Find an email solution that allows creating email autoresponders and smart follow-ups takes seconds, and allows your to automate everything from welcome notes to surveys and sales campaigns.

Email Marketing has been proven to be cost effective, but finding the right email solution is not an easy task. The above list will at least help you get started. If you are serious of finding success with your campaign you need carefully select the email solution that could give you the best features available that would allow you to maximize your profit and increase your ROI.

Which Email Marketing Features You Think Most Effective

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