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Choosing Your Yahoo Domain Name - Yahoo Domain

Updated on April 28, 2012

Yahoo Domain

Registering your Yahoo domain name for your small business is quick and easy! The entire process takes about 5 minutes to complete and at just $9.95 per year on your first year, you can take advantage of this special offer today directly at:

You can also select:

2-year term for $19.90/year

3-year term for $29.85/year

5-year term for $49.75/year

After your term expires, the cost will be $34.95/year.

When choosing your Yahoo domain name for your online business, you should select a name that ties in with your company name. For example, if your company name is "Diamonds Are Us", then your Yahoo domain name should be or something very close and similar to your company name. An alternative name could be Notice I took out the "s" in the second domain name I chose. These are just suggestions.

Domain naming ties into the branding of your products or services that you will offer to your customers. Going by the above company name, "Diamonds Are Us", you wouldn't want to name your web site or because the first thing you must establish with your customers, especially with an online business, is trust. When you gain your customers trust, you are in business! With so many scams going on in cyberspace, including the possibility of identity theft by computer hackers, customers who shop online are always skeptical about entering their credit card number or their mailing address that is tied to their checking account when they buy a product from you using their Visa or Master Card debit card.


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    • profile image

      Caitlin - BrandBucket 7 years ago

      I know somebody who used Yahoo domains and it worked pretty well for them. They arent tech savvy at all so Im assuming it is pretty user friendly.