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Career or Occupation?

Updated on July 14, 2011

What should I do?

I know a few young adults who are trying to decide what to do with their lives. I remember when I was a young person all the pressure that was on us teens about what we are going to do with our lives? Truthfully most of us at the time didn't know what to do, or how we could do what we'd like to do, if we knew what to do?

For many of us it appears we don't have many options, at least we think we don't. Please don't think that your options were limited or that they come to a dead end road. This can be so frustrating, feeling trapped that you have little or no choices. How about money? Money seems to always puts a fork in the road.

Maybe there are allot of young people or even older people out there that do not have anyone to talk to about the questions of their future. I know people have a hard time when faced with limited choices and the pressures of other friends who know what they want to do.

If you happen to be like I was, I didn't have the money, and didn't know how I could go to a trade school with no money. The thought of having a huge debt was overwhelming!! Not to think of the fact I needed money to live on while I went to school. The picture was just way to big, seemed not to be reachable. So I did take the first thing that came along to start my career. It was good, but not as good as if I would of reached for my dream. Also I did get in debt, I bought a car, not like now days though, my debt was $5000 my car payments were only $150 a month for 5 years. I do remember how old those car payments got. The point is I did get into debt and I didn't learn the skill that I truly wanted to do for making a living.

There are allot of people out there that don't even know how to begin to check out getting grants and loans. I know there is allot of help out there, and allot of hoops and rules to abide by. There are books too, that help you to know more about how not get into debt so much for your schooling.

I've known people, friends and co-workers who got out of college to start at a small paying job, with huge debt hanging over their heads. How defeating is that? Even more discouraging is when they are working with someone in a field you want to be in, and the person along side of you didn't go to college and is making more than you. They already have gained seniority, sick leave, vacation, and have health insurance while you were still in school.

There are parents out there that know how to direct their kids, to finding what is best for their lives. Our parents just have to be careful that they aren't directing us into what they wish they would of done, with no thought and question to their flesh and blood to what they want.

Don't feel pressured or pushed into doing something you really don't want to do.That goes for the Service too. I have seen many young people go into the service because they believed a lie. Some have been told and drilled saying that the Service is their only and best option. After all it will pay for school...well there is a whole lot more at stake now, than school. Leaving your families and friends, the very ones who love you and support your endeavors. You have to think about your life, not money and school.

There are people who feel called to Serve in the Military. Who have carefully researched and thought it out. If this is something you are considering, talk with people who have been in the service, not recruiters, but people who have retired from the service.Get more than one first hand experience shared with you. Preferably 3-4 service people who are in different age brackets and have served in different wars. Try to get a glimpse of things from their view point. Also consider different scenarios that you may have to be a plane, parachuting, on a boat with a huge number of people, in close quarters. Endurance for long hikes or runs, extreme weather, and enemy territory.

If the Military is an option, consider the Reserves or Coast Guard. Signing up for a shorter term, you can always sign up for more time later. Another thing to consider about this is, that even the Reserves can get sent overseas.

I just want to encourage you, if you are not sure about what your future holds for you. Don't give in to the first thing that comes along, unless this is something you can do while you are still looking and checking things out.

Get a piece of paper and pen, or get to your computer? Now think?

If you could do anything? What would it be?

If you were not limited by time or money how would your choices change? Be open?

Let's brain storm........? Write out all your different options?

Now what are your natural abilities? What is it that just comes easy for you?

What about location? Do you want to get your training close to family and friends?

Think about learning an unusual skill from a trade professional? Usually time is less?

Now let's be realistic? With this thought in mind what stands out?

Find a balance with the above exercise? What might be a stretch, but not over the cliff!

Getting books, taking an aptitude test, signing up for classes, consulting a career counselor, and talking to peoplealready in the trade, you're are looking at. Investigate as if you were to have to report or share with others your findings. Find people willing to communicate to you what they know and what they would of done different if they had a fresh start like you.

I really want to challenge you, if you are in search of? Keep searching....!! You don't have to rush. Many people rush into the first thing that does come along and they give up their search. They many times like I regret that we didn't check a little further and find other options.

An option furthest from the minds of us, at crossroads like these is prayer.  I know when I was young this thought really never did come across my mind. Maybe you don't know The Lord on a personal one to one line to heaven? Don't worry, none of us did when we were born. We all fall short of the glory of God, and we all are not perfect.

Yet if you do decide to accept the fact that Jesus was born, and did walk on this earth, did die, and was raised from the dead and now lives in spirit at the right hand of God his Father in Heaven. Pray He will hear you. If you don't know the Lord, and aren't ready to make that decision, ask a friend or family member to pray for you about finding your path in life, and see what happens? See if you have some new roads open, in a positive direction. Just remember God will not steer you wrong. If we ask He will answer in one way or another. If we knock He says, He will open the door.

Prayer, that could be a whole different topic:) But think about this....many of us have a different picture of what we want out of life. Have we truly ever thought about, what does God have planned or pictured for our lives? Is what we want in line with what He wants for us? After all, He knows us better than we know ourselves, He created us and knew us before the foundations of the world were even established. WOW!! That is amazing to me, that we could be that special in the eyes of GOD Himself.

The choices that we make could change our destiny? Because you were made to do great things with this precious life you've been given. Let's try to make the most of it.

Keep around positive people who genuinely know your ability, and your strengths. Preferably someone who can help you stay on track. Keep focused on your goals. Think about finding a Mentor, an individual who you can hold some accountability with.

A Mentor should be someone you look up to, and someone you respect. One who really cares for you and wants to see you succeed. A person willing to take you under their wing so to speak. Willing to invest some time in helping you see others mistakes, and hope to help guide you, to not make the same mistakes as others have. Finding a Mentor that can challenge you, and someone who knows what you want to know.

For me I have always had a mentor the same gender as me, who had a close personal relationship with God, who was like a second parent or grandparent to me. The mentors I have had, which are few, helped me through the tough times in life and they accepted me in spite of my faults. The had so much love and patience with me, even when I would make mistakes.

I hope and pray you find your way onto the right path of life for you:) May God Bless Your Endeavours!!!! Keep looking up:)

Maybe you have some helpful career advice?

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