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Choosing an office for your business

Updated on February 14, 2016

For anyone that is currently the owner of a business, or perhaps starting one up for the first time and will have a number of employees, accommodation is a key factor in maintaining the business.

Choosing the right location

Depending on what kind of business you will be operating, it is crucial that you pick an office space that has excellent transport links. This would involve both great access for public transport, and not solely limiting the transport links to those that have their own cars.

Further dependent on the kind of work you will be carrying out, it is important that you pick an area that will ensure that your employees (and any potential visitors for things such as meetings) feel safe to not only travel to and from, but also spend their working day there

Choosing a property type

The next choice you will need to make is whether or not you a warehouse based off, or a purpose built property for offices. With regards to a warehouse unit, the biggest advantage of this is that you can organise the workspace as you so desire. In this option, you can easily and cheaply put up temporary walls that will be able to me moved freely when the time comes to move on from the property.

In comparison, you could instead opt to use a purpose built property. In this scenario the offices will already have been portioned off. Whilst this may be seen as a downside to some people, the benefit of it is that it already in a walk in condition.

Further, each room will also have its own electrical supply and also the possibility of having a wired network connection, for access to the internet and any servers your company may use.

In comparison, if you choose to go down the blank canvas warehouse unit route, you will have an additional outlay in costings to have these features in every room you set up in the unit. In both cases however, you are normally only paying for renting the property and thereafter you have to pay out extra money insurance, maintaining the property as well as phone and internet bills.

Opting to go down the service office route

However, there is a new way in which you can rent office space. This comes in the form of serviced office space and it quite different from the more conventional way that you may rent office space. When choosing this option, there are numerous benefits to serviced office space.

Generally, the rent per month is extremely cheap (and in some cases it is even cheaper than renting residential property). Further, served offices also usually include an internet connection as part of the main price, and in some cases high speed fibre optic broadband is given as standard (as is the case with Send Business Centre).

Moreover, serviced office spaces will also include a car park at no additional charge. This is a huge benefit to both the people that will be working there, as well as any potential visitors. The reason for this is that it can be notoriously difficult to get a parking space outside office premises which, if you are just setting up a new business, can put people off working for you if they aren’t able to drive to and from work every day. However, this is not an issue when it comes to a serviced office space.

Since there are a large number of other things included in the price of the office space, which includes building insurance. The benefit of this is that should there be any problems with the integrity of the building, it will not cost you a penny since your monthly rental will have this insurance included in it.

Further, a full cleaning service will also be included within the monthly package. The benefit of this is that you will not have the added expense of hiring an outside contractor to clean the property. It would be much more expensive to get cleaner in each week than it would be to pay for this as part of the rental service.

All serviced office properties also have CCTV cameras around the perimeter of the building. The benefit of this is that it will act as a major deterrent to any potential theft that may occur. It will also mean that in the unfortunate event that a theft or an accident were to occur, it would all be caught on camera which would aid in making any claim should the matter arise.

Lastly, all serviced offices will have onsite maintenance management to assist you in terms of repairs to the building that are needed, be it a faulty sink, a fuse in a circuit box or simply the case that the walls are starting to look tatty and are needing spruced up.


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