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Downward Market Trends - Falls In the Retail & Banking Sector

Updated on October 10, 2012

What's The Outlook For The Global Economy?

Uncertainty In Global Markets
Uncertainty In Global Markets

Retail Sales Are Down Once Again

With the markets recording downward trends, the retail market seems to be slowing down once again. With larger department stores looking to develop innovative ways to compete with online retailers, it seems as though the 'brick and mortar' type outlets are still suffering.

Much of the fall in retail sales is due to online shopping with much of today's products being available on the internet and shipped directly from China and south-east Asian countries.

Profit Downgrades

The markets are still showing much more than just a drop in the retail sector. Financial institutions and the banking sector are also showing profit downgrades and falls on the previous financial year with Perpetual being the lasted bank to report a massive profit downgrade due to restructuring and poor economic conditions.

Although there seems to be recent optimism in the European markets including Spain and Greece, it's evident that this positive trend is unlikely to continue unless we see more radical reforms and bailout packages in the next two years to curb unnecessary spending and increase investment in the European economy. German, however, has been a standout with markets looking to improve and show a positive trend over recent months with a slight increase in their GDP.

Market Price For Oil & Fuel


Falling commodity prices?

While commodity prices took a tumble during and after the global financial crisis, gold stood out as showing a strong recovery before once again dipping. The current financial and commodity markets are still showing signs of uncertainty with metal prices yet to climb to pre-GFC levels which is evident in the mining sector right around the world. Oil prices seem to be steady once again after dipping in the first half of 2012, although this trend is unlikely to continue with the price of oil looking to slow down and perhaps drop slightly towards the end of the year.

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