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Civil Engineering Jobs to Build Your Career

Updated on May 25, 2014

What does civil engineers do?

Civil engineers are the professionals involved in designing, constructing and maintaining the built environment around us. Civil Engineering jobs are available in abundance, small-scale projects like construction of a residential building or a compound, bridge repairs are some of the tasks that civil engineers undertake however, large-scale projects such as construction of National Highways, Residential complexes and sports stadium are the kind of projects requiring highly skilled and experienced civil engineers. Civil Engineering Jobs are divided into various roles, depending on the experience and expertise in a forte. Several specialized areas of civil engineering are structural engineers, water resource, transportation, designing and project management. Responsibilities of these roles vary and a very specific to the respective role. Creativity and innovation are the key to success as a civil engineer, as they allow you to come up with substantial solution to some of the greatest challenges. This profession provides you with a chance to play a role in shaping up your nation. This profession is for those who are open to face challenges every day, need variety and creative satisfaction.

What does the job entail?

As mentioned above the responsibilities vary from profile to profile. Broadly, a civil engineer is responsible for cost estimation, determining possible environmental hazards, testing the construction materials to be uses, surveying the construction site for elevations, reference points and grades. For instance a designer is reponsible for the designing phase of the project however he can also visit the site for checking dimensions, site conditions etc. A site engineer would be responsible for carrying out the construction work, along with supervising the staff and procurement of building materials. Liasing with clients, local government bodies, contractors and architects are some of the managerial roles that you might have to play as a civil engineer. With major emphasis on timely completion of a project under the approved budget is one of the major tasks that a site engineer has to look after.

What are the various options available?

Civil engineering is branched into a variety of specializations ranging from structures, planning, surveying and material testing. The forte which you want to specialize in should only be on the basis of your caliber and interest. Being skilled at any one of these roles will offer better job prospects and greater career progression, as new projects are rolled out everyday and new openings for specialized civil engineers come up in a periodic fashion.
Also getting a Master's Degree is a viable option for those who want to hold a senior level position. Getting a Master's Degree will allow you to be a specialist in any of the branches of civil engineering.

Employment opportunities and outlook

Civil engineers are one the most sought after tradesmen in a developing nation like India, where new projects are released every month. Government agencies, PSUs and other public organisations generate openings for civil engineers however, getting hired for such positions is a time taking process. Civil engineers are employed by a wide array of employers right from real-estate developers, banks, hospitals, and institutions for the maintainance of their respective infrastructure. The formation of new government which had promised to release the investment for rail-road and other infrastructural development will lead to job creation in the fields of engineering, civil engineers would be the primary beneficiaries.

Where to find Civil Engineering Jobs

Civil Engineering jobs are spread all across the country. One can easily look up for jobs over the internet using various job portals. Applying for a job over the internet is the best way to find your self a job, as you can see multiple openings at one single place and apply for them at the same time.
Make an alluring resume which highlights your past experiences, or any internship or project you had undertaken while studying, in case you do not posses any work experience highlighting your achievements in co-curricular activities is the best idea.
Sending a customized cover letter along with your resume makes a lasting impression on the employer, makes a good impression and reflects your interest in the job opening.

Indeed, civil engineering is one the oldest branches of engineering and one of the most significant branches. Their role is directly involved with the development of an economy as they develop the infrastructure to facilitate trade and commercial activity throughout the nation. Civil Engineering is a highly rewarding career for your entire lifetime as once you earn certain years of experience in a stream you can become an independent consultant allowing you to be a part of some of the most prestigious projects. All in all, civil engineering as a career not only builds a nation but also your future.


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