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Classic 1950s advertising - the Dixie Cup and its Impressive Dispenser

Updated on October 9, 2011

Dixie Cup Dispenser Mania

A few years ago, I started a web site called Retro Ads and Graphics. I had a large selection of old magazines come into my possession. Many of the ads are just too cool to keep to myself. So I decided to start the web site to share them. I thought it would be interesting to wite a small history of the product that the advertiser so wanted us to buy.

Here is a Dixie Cup ad from the 1950s.

A quick history of the Dixie Cup:

The disposable paper cup became successful after people realized that sharing water glasses and ladles carried germs. The idea, created by Lawrence Luellen in 1907, took off with the invention of vending machines using the new disposable cups. Hugh Moore started to inform the public about the safety of using the new product. In 1912, a company named Health Kup was formed to make and market the machines. The vending machines were used on trains throughout the nation.

A flu epidemic after the first world help increase demand fo the Health Kup, as people did not want to share cups and glasses. In 1919 Health Kup’s name was changed to the Dixie Cup and became part of the Dixie Cup Corporation. Dixie Cups became even more popular when used for ice cream.

Even with the popularity of plastic water bottles, Dixie cups are still used throughout the world to this day.

This ad shows how excited kids were when you called them in for lunch and took out the Dixie Cups from the awesome dispenser for all to enjoy. I guess it did not take much to impress these kids.


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