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Clean Foreclosure Properties: Why It’s a Lucrative Business Opportunity for Junk Haulers

Updated on February 6, 2010

Own a Junk Removal Business? Why to Add Foreclosure Cleanup to Your List of Services

Because of the foreclosure crisis that many Americans continue to weather, many simple man with a van and junk hauling firms are turning into full-fledged foreclosure cleanup businesses. This is just smart business, which many are capitalizing on. The need is there for many to clean foreclosure properties.

Are you a junk hauling firm? A man with a van / moving firm? Read on for how and why you can capitalize on the foreclosure crisis – if you haven’t already done so.

Clean Foreclosure Properties: Are You a Junk Remover in a City with Lots of Foreclosures?

If you own a junk hauling or moving business in jurisdictions where foreclosures are high (eg, Florida, California, Nevada, Georgia), you’ve probably seen an uptick in business. And if you haven’t, it’s probably because you haven’t marketed to the right sectors --- in the right way.

Junk Haulers: How to Market the Fact That You Trashout (Clean) Foreclosure Properties

It’s not too late. All you have to do is get some flyers made up and start knocking on the doors or real estate offices. Or, you can call larger moving/junk hauling firms to see if they have overflow. Or, you can start an aggressive email campaign offering a special rate for foreclosure moving and hauling jobs.

Junk Haulers: Prospects Who Have a Need for Someone to Clean Foreclosure Properties

Clients like banks, realtors, property preservation companies, real estate investors and other property owners – all need this service when a property is vacated – whether because of foreclosure, a sale or a simple tenant moving out

To explain, let’s back up a bit and explain it from a bank’s/lender’s point of view.

Banks are not in the business of managing homes. They make money by lending money, NOT by managing properties. And, this is exactly what the foreclosure crisis has forced them into -- quasi property management firms.

Homeowners associations; individual homeowners; and/or city, state and local regulations all demand that abandoned properties (ie, foreclosures) be maintained. And, one of the first things that have to be done when a property is foreclosed on/abandoned is to clear it out of anything previous owners/tenants have been left behind

Banks have to get a property back in market shape to be resold (or rented) again as quickly as possible because the longer it sits, the more money it costs the bank/lender.

We say all this to say that junk haulers/movers are one of the first service contractors a lender will call when a home is foreclosed on.

ATTN Junk Haulers: Make Extra Money Selling Abandoned Valuables Online (eg, eBay)

A side benefit for those who clean foreclosure properties is getting the valuables left behind. Previous owners leave behind everything from old furniture, clothing, electronics and food to junk automobiles and tools. Much of it is in good condition and can be sold online via sites like eBay.

There are laws governing what has to be turned over, and to whom, eg, if the owners don’t show up to reclaim possessions after 30 days, the lender is free to dispose of them as they see fit. If the junk hauler/trashout firm does receive and sell items, it’s all 100% profit.

And in a lot of cases, the lender is happy to let you (the junk hauler) take what you want. They just want the property clear.

One foreclosure cleaning business owner in Atlanta reported cleaning out a home that had a “like new” weight bench, some nice pots and pans, beautiful flower vases, several mountain bikes, a washer/dryer and a motorized scooter.

The realtor handling the property said “take whatever you want; I just need it to be cleared out because the owner wants to get it ready for new tenants.” The home was being rented to new tenants after old ones had skipped out.

The lawn maintenance guy hired took the weight bench, the realtor took some cookware and a flower pot left behind – the rest went to the foreclosure cleaning company.

But, you may be thinking:

“I’m a simple junk removal business; how can I become a full-fledged foreclosure cleanup business?”

One of the first things you need to do is to become licensed and insured. Banks and realtors won’t contract with you otherwise. After you do this, then it’s a matter of marketing yourself in the right way, to the right people to start getting jobs.

Get all the information you to start a successful foreclosure clean up business. See video below of a junk hauling firm cleaning out a foreclosed property.

Junk Hauling Firm Removing Debris from a Foreclosed Property


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    • profile image

      Junk Hauler 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this information. I want to be a professional junk Hauler.

    • profile image

      Dustin Owens 8 years ago

      they should give more details on the how to part of this message.