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Cleaning Service Business- Meeting with your prospects

Updated on August 28, 2012

Cleaning Service Business- Meeting with your prospects

Starting a Cleaning Service Business- Meeting with your prospect

Appointment to present a proposal and to get a signed contract

Presentation with a proposal

If possible, try to meet with your future customer face to face to present your proposal.(Do not fax or email your proposal, unless it is a special one time service cleaning service job).


For several reasons:If you never met the owner, manager, assistant, etc, this is your chance to meet with them. You can also present yourself as a company representative.

Whether you are the owner, sales representative, manager, here is your chance to impress your company to this customer. At this meeting you get to see their initial reaction to your proposal and see what you might need to do to follow up with. Do I need to change any wording, sentence, dollar figures, etc. on the contract? What else do I need to impress the customer to go with our company? Is it price? Is it references? Is it contract terms?

At the initial meeting with the owner or manager (do not waste time with a secretary or assistant), you can find some vital information that you might need to get this customer.

Be on time for the meeting,

Be presentable,

Be friendly,

Be professional,

Do not ramble through the contract, Do not cover everything in the contract,(They can read the rest later..) Just highlight the main key points of the proposal.

These are the main points you need to cover:

Reasons why this customer should consider your company: Is it customer service? Is it 100 % satisfaction guaranteed? Is it price?(Lower price should not be used as the selling tool in most cases). It is better to sell other strong points of your company. Is it your reputation in the industry?

Briefly cover what is in the pages of your presentation brochure.

Your brochure pages should be as follows: Cover page should have your company Logo,Company name, address, phone, fax numbers. If you have a company theme,such as- "Your satisfaction is our main target" and etc.

Page 1: Listing titles of your brochure.1: Your customer's address, phone, fax numbers, contact name, etc. cleaning location address, if different. 2: Price of the proposal

Page 2: Terms of contract

Page 3: References

Page 4: Copy of your liability insurance

Page 5: Closing comments

*** Important note: Your presentation binder should be a deluxe hard cover with your company logo (if you have one). Your presentation brochure can tell a lot about your company's image. So do not make it look cheap.

Keep the meeting to less than 30 minutes,

To close the meeting.Ask what he/she thinks about the proposal and if they have any questions.

Ask them if they would consider signing the contract today.(It is a rare thing that, if anybody signs at the initial meeting. Most people will say that they will get back to you in few days). Ask them if it is ok to check with them in couple of days to see if they have made any decisions. Make sure to check with them about in 3 days.(Note: You will not always get the business that you proposed.)

The national ratio in customer signing up is about as follows: If your lead was a cold call on the phone:5-10% chance of closing.

If your lead was a cold call on canvas calling and met the owner once before:10-20%.If you know the owner, manager via referred by someone:50-70%

Signing a contract

Congratulations on your successful presentation! Before singing a contract, if you needed to change any wording or terms, this should have been done prior to contract signing date.

Make sure to bring 2 copies of your contracts.One is your copy and the other one is your customer's copy.

You and your customer will sign both of them.

Make sure to have a start date of service (usually the first day of the month).

Discuss following items.

Keys to the location?

Entering numbers to alarm box?

When you can go in and must be out by?

Can you leave some of your cleaning tools, equipment, solutions, etc. and where to keep them?

Any other key person to be contact with?Who to call for emergency and phone or cell number of emergency contact?

Do a good job for your customer, they will take care of you...!
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