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Cleaning Service-Where Should I Advertise My Company?

Updated on June 9, 2011

Cleaning Service- Where Should I Advertise My Company?


Thinking about advertising your cleaning service company?

As you get established with your business, it is most likely you won't need to advertise your business. You will be busy just taking care of your growing customer base and referrals.

However, in case if you want to, here are some options.

One: One or two page brochure for hand outs (This is not optional- You must have your company brochures at all times in your car to hand out wherever, whenever possible).

You can use these for canvassing, mail outs, reminders to those one time special service customers.

Two: Newspaper advertisement. It is expensive, but results are pretty good, if you use the right words and block size. Don't spend too much for a large block advertisement. They are very expensive. Use a small to medium sizes works well, but choose your words carefully to get the attention of the readers. And make sure to put it in the right location where other service contractors appear in the advertising boxes.

Three: TV advertisement is effective, but expensive.

Four: Radio. It is expensive and results are poor.

Five: Online advertising/website. Website is an effective and inexpensive way to advertise your company. It can be referred to on your brochures, letterheads, business cards, invoices, statements, etc.

Six: Don't forget your customer. Your customers are the best advertising tool in getting referrals. If you have a good relationship with your customer and they are happy with your excellent services, please ask them for referrals. If they don't have anyone right now, ask them to right you a simple recommendation letter of your service for you to use for your proposal references or referrals.

This is the best way to get new customers and to grow your business.

For more information on cleaning service promotions and how to grow the business, please visit our home website at:


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