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Cleaning Up My eBay Store

Updated on September 9, 2012
cleaning up helps your shoppers find you faster and easier
cleaning up helps your shoppers find you faster and easier

Revamping For Profits

Step One My Internet Empire

Well as I have stated before I am closing down all stores but the one I currently have on eBay SJ Flags Store where we sell high quality flags at deeply discounted prices. So today I started saving over 100 dollars a month in fees for stores that break even at best over the years. I pointed the domain names directly to my eBay store, this way any SEO work I have done along the way still sends the traffic to my products.

Step Two How To Write Store Description

I went to eBay On Location not long ago and sat in on a basic eBay store class the whole time I was just killing time thinking wow I got several eBay stores, and several internet stores but I was here to learn and figured if I picked up one tip it would be worth it… Well I got so many tips I couldn’t write them all down… I may fly out to the next On Location Event and see what else I can learn…

one of the first things I learned was that the description when using certain templates does not show up to your customer and that you have 300 charters to use for a list of your keywords, if you think this is not many start typing I didn’t use all 300..

Don’t Spam, if you don’t sell Coach Purses don’t list it as a keyword, it doesn’t work anyway, people that find you searching for coach purses wont buy your stuff anyway… Use this space to leave little morsels for the search engine to raise your standings by…

Make sure to that the theme you are using doesn’t show the keywords, I had to change my theme but that was okay for me, I was looking to rebrand my business, LOL well I never really branded it, I just threw stuff up against the wall and by the grace of God was very successful…

Keep Cleaning You Are Almost Done

Step Three Don’t Let eBay Do Your Keywords

eBay has great connections with Google, Yahoo, and Bing plus many more sites, so why not spend time developing your keywords, eBay pulls from your listing and fills in the blanks, you can only use a word 3 times, but you can use the single form and plural of words to give you extra words, for me I use flag, flags, and banner frequently.

This is a set and forget solution, don’t go messing around with these to often as search engines likes updates but not in keyword list, they have a memory and will catch the slightest changes…

Now don’t forget to add miss spellings since they are less sought after then your main keywords, and will get you a little trikle of traffic but over time the trikles add up to a steady stream of business…

Step Four Cross Promotion What Is This All About

Ever look at one of your auctions and see someone elses listing?? How did that get there?? It is simple really eBay picks random ads from sellers that opt to be listed everywhere for cross promotion, make sure you have Cross Promotion setting properly set, simple little thing could make you an extra 2 or 3 sales a month… What could you do with all that money??

Step Five eBay RSS Feed make Sure Your Plugged In

I really don’t understand how RSS feeds work, but I know that they can be used in many places, I also know that if you have your RSS feeds enabled on eBay they are feed every time you make a change to Google…

In Closing I want To Work Smarter

The more you get your website name out there the more you will make over the long run, I have done very well over the years with throwing lots of stuff against the world, and there was a time it worked, but it is very time consuming and as I am getting older and looking for a better quality of life… I have created a monster that makes good money, but as I start to listen to people that really know what they are talking about, I could work a lot less hours and make more money… So until next time…. God Bless


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