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Climbing the Ladder of Success

Updated on November 2, 2013

Being Successful

Four Steps to Achieve Success

Most people are stuck in a job they hate, but they do it for financial reasons. It's frustrating to be stuck in a tedious job, but this is often the reality of what people have to face on a daily basis. The power to become successful lies within you. Each person can interpret success differently, so what does success mean to you?Does it mean having a big house, lots of money, fancy cars or simply just having a job where you feel you have reached a state of self actualization.

Step 1: Be motivated

Motivation acts as your driving force. If you are a driven individual, that is the first stepping stone to being a success. Businesses are always searching for people that are goal orientated. Write down you goals on a piece of paper and envision them and set out to achieve them. If you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again. It took Thomas Edison 1000 attempts before he developed the light bulb. Never give up on your goals.

Step 2: Take charge of your life

Be confident and strive to be the best leader you can be. I've worked with many people in management positions that don't understand the concept of being an effective leader. A title is just a title, but you not a leader until you have followers that respect you. Being a leader is not pushing your way up the corporate ladder by any means possible. Being a leader is setting an example for future leaders.

Step 3: Eliminate negativity and people that bring you down

We all know certain people that have an aura of negativity be it a friend, family member or a colleague. Negativity leads to doubting yourself and your capabilities. Get rid of the people that bring you down and that say "no you will never be able to do that". Part of being successful is being positive about your goals and plans for your life.

Step 4: Learn from your failures

Every successful person has failed somewhere in their life. The road to success is filled with many bumps along the way. Take the time now and think about a time you made a big mistake or a time you failed. Did you learn from it and take anything out of that particular experience? That's what successful people are able to do. Take the positive out of every failure and use it as a stepping stone to something greater.

A successful person to me is someone who ...........

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