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Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Updated on September 13, 2011

Cloud Computing For Small Business in 2011

This article spotlights on a comprehensive listing of the Benefits of Cloud Computing For Small Businesses .Although there have been many uncertainties about cloud computing companies a few years back,today it is an established truth that this technology have taken over the computer industry by storm. This article contains a digest of cloud computing for small business, because small businesses are the ones who will be reaping the maximum benefits of cloud computing. Configuring and deploying computer infrastructure for businesses have been a tedious task and one of the greatest barriers to be crossed by the small business in the initial stages. Now the entire task is outsourced with cheaper and more efficient functionality. According to a technology research firm survey in April 2010, around 6% of small business owners were implementing cloud infrastructure. Cloud computing usage in small business and start ups are expected to reach 10% by 2011.

Benefits of Cloud Computing For Small Business

Ironically enough, most of the business owners misunderstand that cloud computing is a complex technology an hesitate to try it. But in fact, cloud computing reduces the burden for small companies.The biggest monetary headache for small business is paying a lump sum money for the infrastructure and services most of which you wont be using at the moment. But with cloud computing you have to pay only for what you use.Yeah thats right, you have to pay for the number of computers you want in your networks, their cpu usage and configuration etc. By this way you can save the money you spent for the infrastructure in the inital phase and invest it to run you business better.

Mobility is the next factor that reward the firms. You can operate your cloud from anywhere simply through the browser. Your personal business accountant can view the real-time accounts of office and tighten unecessary cash flows or expensese and even file tax returns.This will reduce transportation and communication gaps and considerabily improve the speed.

Another feature of is scalability of the infrastructure. Scalabiliy may not have an initial impact on cloud computing for small business at the initial stages but as the company grow this would be essential. The cloud infrastructure can grow with your company. If you need and additional 500 computers configured in your network you can add it up to your current infrastructure with few clicks.

Some Great Cloud Computing Services For Small Business

Today, almost all service providers have launched their cloud version of services. Recently, Google ( the company that offers almost all of its services like Google Apps, Gmail, Docs on Cloud technology) revealed that they’ve reduced the cost of operating their cloud based data centers to almost zero. This is the advantage of bulk processing information. There are some more companies that offer great cloud services for small business. : Is a file sharing service that charges $10 for single user and $15 for a 3 member team. It helps in real-time synchronization of files and documents are very easy with

Google Apps : Google apps are really cheap and offer even free service for moderate needs of a company. When we were desperately searching for cheap java hosting for our start-up web hosting ( Google’s free java hosting service was a blessing. They offer few millons of pageview’s per month free. The paid version is only around $50 per year. The Google Docs is free and can be used for presentation, spreadsheets and word documents.

QuickBooks : Is a perfect accounts manager in cloud. The CFO can monitor the entire account health of a company online from anywhere and suggest changes or give directions.

Skype : Skype is a great tool to stay connected. It offers very cheap communication with project members and leaders. Communication is the key to success and Skype has been a preferred tool by many of the enterprises to communicate with ease. The operational efficiency and user friendliness are the main attractions of Skype.

In short, the major concerns of small business for

  • Productivity
  • CRM & Communication
  • Finance and Accounting
  • IT Tools & Database
  • Storage and Backup

can be boosted up with cloud compuing. If you liked this article, you can rate this page at the bottom and vote it up! You can also write thought provoking comments and questions in your perspective, about exciting new happenings of cloud comupting for small business.


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