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Cloud Solutions for Small Businesses

Updated on June 22, 2013
Cloud Solutions for small and medium business
Cloud Solutions for small and medium business

Advantage of Cloud Solutions in Small and Medium Sized Business

Now a days nobody can do business without the help of software. But for each business the need for software will vary. At the starting stage there many not be any need for a web based business management application. But as business grows it becomes an unavoidable need for any kind of business.

Here I am sharing my experience with some cloud solutions which offer pay as you go approach for software. Most of the famous cloud solutions follows this method. That is the main reason, why cloud solutions are better for startup businesses.

Pay As You Go

This concept mainly targets on users who cannot afford a large software in single stretch, but there is need for some software to manage business. In pay as you go model, you can use the software for small group of users at less price. Later as your company grows there will be need for software across departments and many people will need software. At that time you can change your subscription model and get more user license at higher price. But note that here the startup cost is very less. Best example for such cloud computing solutions are Microsoft office cloud solution (Office 365), etc

Microsoft office 365 (SaaS)

It works on Saas model(Software as a service). In such solutions you need to pay only for how much you use. It avoids the high initial investment while starting company. For example buying previous versions of Microsoft Office was very costly for business purposes. It was a very high start up investment on new companies(even IT companies) to buy new Mircosoft Office for all systems and start business. Because of this reason everybody was resorting on open source solutions like open office.

With the introduction of Microsoft Office 365, you can purchase one user license and use it across many devices. As it is provided as a could service all documents can be edited online, even from your mobile. It offers convenience and flexibility. So once a user has finished editing, another user can continue editing from another system, without having office suite installed in any system. So with less number of licenses more users can manage. Tomorrow if company is growing well, more licenses can be purchased and by chance company gets bankrupted, initial investment for purchasing all fresh software is saved. (Paas)

Paas stands for Platform as a Service. is the best example. Their motto is like No Software, everything in cloud. If you have started using, you will understand. There is no need for any other software.

Salesforce offers their platform as a service. You can develop cloud based web applications and deploy them immediately. Everything including back end database is taken care by Salesforce, so there is very little for end users to worry. There will not be failure from server end as it is properly maintained by Salesforce. As many people across world share Salesforce platform, each user gets good service at low cost.

Another main advantage of using Salesforce is that it follows subscription based business model. In Salesforce you need to pay for how may licenses you are purchasing, You can buy a single license and start business also. It will be a very less costly approach for startup business. Later if your business is growing, you can purchase more licenses and expand you software capabilities without any change in the application you are using.

Also the speed of implementation is very high in Salesforce. If you have a good developer, you can finish a startup business application within one week. This cannot be obtained in most of the other platforms.

Another advantage of using Salesforce is Enterprise level security that comes along with it. Salesforce offers lot of security mechanisms to avoid any security breach. In effect end user gets enterprise level security to their business application, which is impossible if you are building a php or java based web app for your startup business.

These are just two examples for cloud based applications suitable for small businesses. These offers low initial cost and top quality cloud based solutions for small and medium business, which can be expanded very easily when your business grows. Similarly there are many other cloud based solutions which are suitable for small and medium sized businesses

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I am sure i have not mentioned all good cloud based solutions for small and medium businesses. All reader are welcome to share their experiences with these and other cloud based solutions


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