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Coaching Changes You - Human Potential Achieved

Updated on July 12, 2014
Change in Jamaica
Change in Jamaica | Source

Effective Coaching in the Workplace

Ordinary individuals can achieve extraordinary results every day in business. For many individuals, enhanced results are achieved through and with the support of coaching. The term coaching has been used in business for much of the last ten to twenty years, and yet coaching still has varied interpretations by academicians and organizational leaders alike.

Simply defined, coaching is when one person guides or directs another individual through a process of skill improvement and practice leading to performance improvement. Coaching application can vary from support to complete a specific project, helping an individual to do better what they already do well, helping to change a customer’s behavior, or developing a skill the individual doesn't yet possess.

Coaching is a tool for unleashing human performance! A tool for unlocking human potential! An approach to propelling performance forward resulting in positive change! It can be used to enhance the performance of the coachee (the individual being coached) beyond their dreams. Once that performance is unleashed, that automatically means there is a change in thinking, doing and acting. Many organizations today are going through continuous change, which results in greater ownership and accountability for employees; and hence, a need for more coaching.

Employees need to take responsibility for their own impact, which opens their thinking to new and more effective ways of working. In many companies today, coaching supports new ways of thinking, which leads to a continuous improvement change process within the organization itself.

Focused coaching can and does improve performance in individuals, teams and organizations. Over the last decade there has been widespread growth in interest in one-on-one coaching, with individuals recognizing the benefits that this approach can bring to their own performance and to help in driving success for the organization as well.

Underrwater in Jamaica
Underrwater in Jamaica | Source

Great Words to Describe a Coach

Leverages Accountability

Leads by Example

Models the Way

Challenges the Process

Team player




Myths Associated with Coaching

Myth#1: Coaching means negative feedback. Giving clear feedback should be positive as well as asking for what could and should be improved upon. But, feedback is only one component of coaching. Good coaching should also include effective questioning, listening, and incorporate motivational techniques (praise, award points, celebration of small wins, acknowledgment messages, etc.).

Myth#2: Coaching takes a lot of time. There just aren’t enough hours in a day. Coaching facilitates greater change and is actually best when done in small doses. Coach all the individuals on your team - the top performers, those in the middle, and those at the bottom. Today you want to maximize 100% of the talent on your team so that they can be the best that they can be.

Myth #3: Coaching is used only in sports. Coaching works in a variety of situations. At after school programs; at church, youth and adult bible study; and yes, in the workplace. Coaching when done in the workplace almost always benefits other areas of the individual's life. When coaching facilitates the development of life skills that help the individual improve and impact all areas of their lives: their impact on customers, contacts, accounts, friends, direct reports, and family members.

Myth #4: We coach only to improve someone else. Improving someone else is a desired goal of coaching But when we coach effectively, we improve our own selves and our own game first...then secondly, we connect with the individual, we achieve clarity, we develop plans, and think about what needs to be done, we execute that plan, and measure the results. Sounds like a great business strategy! The outcome is that everyone’s game is raised!

Coral Reef Changes - Jamaica
Coral Reef Changes - Jamaica | Source

You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.
Bob Nelson

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