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Coaching Changes You - Coaching Improves Resilience to Change

Updated on July 12, 2014
Chuhuyli - Denver, CO 2014
Chuhuyli - Denver, CO 2014 | Source

Number 2: Let go, and then latch on.

Let go of the “if onlys” and “what ifs.” If you have your hands full with these worries and regrets, you won’t be able to grab onto the “ring in the rubble.” Every life change presents an opportunity (the ring), so get ready to grab it. In other words, things often do happen for a reason. Dr. Gary Bradt authored a book that reveals the secrets of moving past the rubble of disruption caused by change to find the golden ring of opportunity that lies beneath.

In the meantime, latch onto things that aren’t changing – the things that no amount of change can touch, i.e., your personal values, your integrity, your faith, your family, the loyalty of your best friends. But remember to also look for the “ring in the rubble.”

Number 3: Renew a passion

Use whatever has thrown you for a loop as an excuse to reignite – even redefine – a passion. Take time to reflect on what is important. The answers that you find may surprise you, and it may just change your life (for the better).


Change, inevitably, comes with a certain level of stress, be they happy changes like a new marriage, a new baby, a new house, a new job, etc. or more difficult ones like a divorce, a loss of a loved one, a job change, etc. We are creatures of habit and this is the reason that change is so difficult. It is because change throws us out of our routine. If we can’t predict how thing are going to go, how can we adequately plan ahead…so fear sets in. But it doesn’t have too. Next time you are facing change and the need to move from the status quo, apply these three suggestions:

Number 1: Learn to get comfortable operating outside of your comfort zone.

When you hit the gym after a particularly long hiatus, you feel pain in every muscle. Likewise, change registers as pain. It is energy intensive to process new information associated with a new change. Perceived differences are seen as errors. Errors trigger fear circuitry and registers as pain in your brain.

The simple truth is, with any level of change, there’s going to be some discomfort. But that’s okay – and you will need to tell yourself that a few thousand times to convince yourself. If you run away or shut down from something that is different just because of your discomfort, you won’t be able to harness the opportunities presented or receive the full benefits that are available. And yes, benefits can be found in every ounce of change.

Chuhuyli - Denver, CO - 2014
Chuhuyli - Denver, CO - 2014 | Source

Coaching During Challenging Times

Coaching in changing times is an absolute MUST! To become better coaches, think about what coaching is.

Coaching is:

A Science – in that when coaching is practiced with excellence there is a measurable positive outcome.

An Art – Coaching is a science but also an art because it becomes a dance between two people. Through conversation and dialogue, individuals move in partnership raising each individual’s performance in the process.

Facilitative – Coaching suggests that the individual has real potential and as a coach you have the ability to assist someone from being good to being GREAT!

Inspiring and Energizing – Coaching can inspire and energize an individual through the use of communication and conversational skills. You communicate the individual’s strengths and what they are good at and what they can even do better or be better or great at.

Developmental – through the use of verbal skills and written documentation, you will be targeting an individual’s personal growth and creating self awareness.

Chuhuyli - Denver, CO - 2014
Chuhuyli - Denver, CO - 2014 | Source

What chance gathers she easily scatters. A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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