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Coaching Changes You - Coaching Through Strategic Change

Updated on July 12, 2014
Changes - Jamaica
Changes - Jamaica | Source

Change is constant....a paradox of life, more so in this day and age than any other time in history. If we're always reacting to change, we run in circles always trying to catch up. And if we remain true to ourselves and our personal contract, we always find a way to accomplish what's most important even in the chaotic time of change. Within change, the possibilities and opportunities are never-ending. So when you reach out to embrace change you will find that you accomplish more because of it (eventually), the level of energy and strength within you grows exponentially making you a force to be reckon with.

Strategic change is unavoidable for most businesses, but how that change is implemented governs its success or failure. The key ingredient to properly executing a new strategy is the leadership team.

As leaders, you should not just declare where the workforce is going and demand greater accountability to achieve it. You need to make a fundamental shift: You need to become the inspirational coaches your teams look up to and take action and delivers for.

A change in business strategy means that people, processes and culture will have to advance and evolve. Mindsets, behaviors, ways of doing and acting have to change. Most people don’t take change casually… and no one ever volunteers to go first.

But, as the manager / coach, you will need to lead the way. It’s your role to lead by example and show others it’s okay to take a chance and to build anew.

Think about the alternative to change: Nothing changes, therefore nothing changes.

Change in Jamaica
Change in Jamaica | Source

Here’s how to go first:

1. Lead first. Managers must lead the way and have to alter their own behavior first so that employees will follow suit. Managers must model the way and others will follow.

2. Leverage Trust and Credibility. Create a view that we are all moving forward together taking one step at a time. This solidifies trust between the employee(s) and coach / manager, which allows the coach to hold individuals and the team accountable.

3. Demonstrate Personal Vulnerability, Respect and be Empathetic. As the coach you have to demonstrate that you are vulnerable and empathetic to your employees’s needs before you can expect them to change. Change is emotional, and by appealing to what makes people tick, you can achieve better results.

  • Through coaching and training, teach your employees the skills they now need to survive and thrive in the new workplace environment composed by continuous change.
  • Set clear goals. This helps make your employees feel more secure and gives them a sense of direction in confusing and stressful times.
  • Also be sure to track performance closely during times of change to make sure your employees are picking up on the new methods, procedures, training skills and materials, etc. Those who aren’t, need additional coaching to determine the reasons and what to do about it with the goal of helping them to move forward with the organization.

Coaching Through Strategic Change

  • Working with your salespeople individually and in groups, you can explain what’s going on, why the changes are important, and how they will ultimately benefit the organization, customers, and patients.
  • Offer reassurance when you can. Don’t soft-soap hard facts, but try to find the positive and opportunities that exist and share this information too. Be prepared to answer their questions and to empathize with their fears and concerns.
  • One of the best ways to help salespeople deal with times of change is to involve them as much as possible in the process of change. This will give them at least some sense of control over what’s happening and make them feel more a part of it.

A good coach will make his/her players see what they can be rather than what they are.

Ara Parasheghian, Coach of Notre Dame

Change is inevitable . . . adapting to change is unavoidable, it's how you do it that sets you together or apart.

William Ngwako Maphoto, a Community Disability Advisor, South Africa

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