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Coaching Changes You - Growing Greatness

Updated on July 12, 2014
Winter in Connecticut
Winter in Connecticut | Source

Modeling Good Coaching Behavior

Collaborate. A coach collaborates and teaches collaboration to their employees. Business is rarely a solo activity. The coach works with the employee to set standards and performance and to develop action plans. It becomes an opportunity of how WE can improve together.

Own. Every individual must assume ownership for improving performance and for being accountable for harnessing the opportunities that exist to drive the business.

Communicate. This is one of the most important coaching behaviors – two-way communication. Two-way communication includes appropriate questioning, listening, giving, receiving, and sharing information.

The best coaches whether in sports or in business tend to be positive forces and great influencers. They know how to bring out the best in others. They also know that coaching is an ongoing process and one of their primary responsibilities.

The people within an organization, the employees, are an organization’s most valuable resource. Coaching ensures that you leverage these valuable human resources tapping into 100% of their talent.

What should you know about coaching to focus your efforts?

  • High performing individuals can help lessen your own workload while also increasing their responsibilities and allowing them to learn new skills by helping you coach others
  • Although a great deal of focus has been on teaching managers leadership skills; coaching is actually one of the most successful wayw of developing employees and has been documented to drive the bottom line
  • Improved employee skill and performance leads to increased productivity and bottom line organizational results
  • Employees experience increased competency development, the ability to contribute to the organization, self-esteem, self-confidence and greater job satisfaction over time

Coaching takes time and reinforcement. Coaching differs from training in that training is a formalized or structured process to provide employees with the knowledge and skill to perform the job at hand. Coaching involves a change in behavior; a shift from A behavior to B behavior more often and more consistently.

Good coach’s share a compelling vision, model the way, are able to challenge the process, enable others to act, and encourage the heart of the individuals they are coaching.

Winter Deer in Connecticut
Winter Deer in Connecticut | Source

Follow the Coaching Process

Anyone can learn to be a great coach.

Step one: Focus on the future

Step two: Identify opportunities

Step three: Clarify expectations and set shared goals

Step four: Create action plans

Step five: Assess progress by setting next check-in time / improvement assessment

Step six: Monitor, follow-up, and allocate the time and energy (in order to get the most out of coaching)

Step seven: Recognize and reward the individual for making progress and for positive behavioral change

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