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Coaching Changes You - The Value of Coaching

Updated on July 24, 2014
Fireworks in Minnesota
Fireworks in Minnesota | Source

Help Coach Your Employees to Higher Performance

Many companies are going through continuous change and challenging leadership to be demonstrated at all levels of the organization. Greater ownership of leadership by everyone in the organization is needed.

Coaching helps support new thinking and change, which leads to continuous improvement over time as continuous change occurs within the organization. Coaching can elevate one's demonstration of leadership competencies through positive reinforcement of behaviors that impact the workplace.

It seems relatively simple to measure the impact of a coach on a particular sport's team. Just look at the performance of the team each season in terms of wins and losses, whether the stats have improved, the comments about how the team works together, and the behavior of the individual team members.

It is much more challenging; however, to measure the effectiveness of coaches in the workplace. Nevertheless, it is clear that there has been a resurgence of interest in coaching as a management technique or tool to improve both individual and organizational performance. In fact, it has been well documented that ordinary people achieve extraordinary results in business through coaching. Coaching helps guide an individual through a process of practice and self-reflection ending in performance enhancement. Coaching assists an individual to improve on something they already do well or build skill in an area they don’t yet possess or consistently demonstrate.

Coaching is focused on future possibilities and leverages learning and past experiences. Coaching is more about “how” things are done and less about “what” things are being done.

Coaching is a tool for unleashing potential! A lever for unlocking performance! An approach to achieve change! Once the potential is unleashed, the result is a change in thinking, doing, and acting.

Fireworks in Minnesota
Fireworks in Minnesota | Source

Coaching in the Workplace

Coaching in the workplace:

  • Provides people with life skills, knowledge, tools, and opportunities to development themselves to be effective in their commitment and performance to themselves, their peers, the organization, and their work.
  • Is an “alliance” focused on developing an individual to become their “best self” allowing them to contribute their full talents to the organization.
  • Connects a series of coachable moments to draw out and leverage differences that exist and promote shifts in thinking, behaving, and acting.

Organizational leaders have identified coaching as a critical leadership and management competency and coaching has been shown in the academic literature to improve an employee and an organization’s resilience and effectiveness in managing through change.

Coaching can be defined as the skills, processes, and knowledge through which people engage themselves in making a maximum impact and constantly renewing themselves and their organizations as they experience continuous change. Coaching is really all about employee development, achievement, growth, and momentum through gaining clarity and the removal of roadblocks to performance which enhances and leveraged an employee’s creativity and effort.

Fireworks in Minnesota
Fireworks in Minnesota | Source

Catch a man a fish, feed him for a day.

Teach a man how to fish, and feed him for life.

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