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Business Coaching Styles

Updated on July 28, 2013
Coach Rovel sharing real estate marketing experience in Asian Institute of Management Makati City
Coach Rovel sharing real estate marketing experience in Asian Institute of Management Makati City

"Coaching is a Profession of Love"

When an aspiring entrepreneur has no money to invest to start a business and make profit, they can invest his time to learn. They can learn from books, from YouTube, and from those who done it and succeeded. In my case people come to me to ask for coaching and mentoring after I share my ideas to events I am invited to speak. They are usually young and ambitious people who wants to make it big and was inspired by my talk. Since, I was taught by my parents to be kind and accommodating so I took them to be my apprentices.

My Business Coaching Styles

  • The Commander
  • The Teacher
  • The Partner

My Coaching Styles was Greatly Influenced by Leadership Training in my ROTC Days.
My Coaching Styles was Greatly Influenced by Leadership Training in my ROTC Days.

A good leader is once a good follower

My coaching styles which I used with my apprentices came from different authority figure in my life here is the list and their coaching styles:

  • My Parents - Commander - My mother is a college professor and a Doctor of Philosophy. She is an achiever and demands her children to be an achiever like her. My father is a Senior Police Chief Superintendent and disciplined as well to become good citizens.
  • My ROTC Officers - Commander - During my high school and college days I choose to become a cadet officer not just a cadet. My officers are very strict and passionate in transmitting all their military skills and knowledge to us. Becoming very obedient is a must to become a future officer and leader of company or battalion.
  • My Teachers - Teachers - My primary and secondary teachers are awesome. I studied in a state university laboratory school for student teachers who aspire to become teachers. So our teacher are teachers of teacher. :)
  • My Employment Boss - Teacher - My boss when I was working with Land Bank of the Philippines is more of a teacher than a boss. He teaches me new skills and guide me in everything to make my job good. He taught me to become a good employee and in fact we won a national award because he is really a good teacher.
  • My UP Professors - Partners - Most of my professors in the University of the Philippines (UP) have a liberal form of teaching style. They let the students decide themselves to succeed or not. We have sometimes do the teaching in class for them. :)
  • My Business Mentors - Partners - I valued my business mentors. They also put the choice in our hands to succeed or not. They know that if we succeed they will also succeed. They let us do what we think is the best for our leadership style and for the personality of our team members and guide us in every step of the way.

Preparatory Military Training (PMT) are compulsory during my days for all High School Students in the Philippines
Preparatory Military Training (PMT) are compulsory during my days for all High School Students in the Philippines | Source

The Commander

This is an autocratic style of coaching. This is where I make the decision all by myself. This is the most extreme form of coaching because oftentimes the apprentice will see you as rude and unkind. The danger with this is that the apprentices once they become intelligent (after being taught many new skills) they become rebellious. I now seldom use this style of coaching since almost all of my current apprentices already leveled up. Our community also have the 8 step CORE TEAM process to determine apprentice candidates motivation and intelligence.

Cashflow Gathering is one of the application of Casual Style our Business Community conducted to develop future coaches among my apprentices
Cashflow Gathering is one of the application of Casual Style our Business Community conducted to develop future coaches among my apprentices | Source

The Teacher

This is the casual style of coaching. Usually I already got intelligent apprentice who are self motivated. Most of these intelligent apprentices came from good universities and are leaderws during their student days. They already have their own plan on how to succeed in the real estate industry. I just gave them coaching on some aspects of their business that they cannot see for themselves. This sometimes happens when the apprentice is detailed focus to the point they missed out the bigger picture or they are so busy with one marketing or business strategy that they overlooked new and most effective strategies.

We conduct annual warrior camp for all our community business partners
We conduct annual warrior camp for all our community business partners | Source

The Partner

This is the cooperative style of coaching. This is where my apprentices are involved in the decision making process and their opinions and suggestions are heard and considered. Those who already mature in coaching became regular members of our cooperative. The cooperative has Board of Directors and Committees with their respective functions on how to make the business organization successful. Myself as a business partner and consultant to all of them contributes my skills in real estate marketing, entrepreneurship and business coaching. Policies are made to implement such changes in the organization by democratic means.

New Apprentice Personality and the Coaching Style Used

Low Motivation
High Motivation
High Intelligence
Mid Intelligence
Low Intelligence
I try to find out what personality type my new apprentice is and match my coaching style with it.

The CARENET 8 Step Core Team Process

1. Community of Real estate Entrepreneurs (CORE) Modules:

  • CORE Module 1: CARENET Orientation
  • CORE Module 2: Infopreneurship
  • CORE Module 3: Big Dreams Game

2. Millionaire Mind Intensive

  • MMI Module 1: Awareness
  • MMI Module 2: Understanding
  • MMI Module 3: Reconditioning

3. Cashflow 101 Real Estate Investing Workshop

4. License Real Estate Sales Person Seminar (exempted if already licensed real estate professional)

5. Coop Pre Membership Seminar

6. Real Estate Sales Cycle & Marketing Training (See Training Program below)

7. Panel Interview - for QCT who Closed at least Php2M Team Real Estate Sales & fully paid coop shares

8. Welcoming - Becomes Core Team

How We Determine Motivation and Intelligence

"How you do anything is how you do everything" - T.Harv Eker

Each of the Applicant Apprentice Have to Undergo the 8-Step CORE TEAM Process.

If Applicant Core Team (ACT) finished the Steps one to four then we are assured that they are self-motivated individual. They are then promoted to a rank of Qualifying CORE Team (QCT). It will take a lot of time coming back and forth to the CARENET office just to attend the required modules and seminars. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day.

If the QCT undergoes the Step 6 Sales Cycle and Marketing Training and passed the test of having at least Php2Million of real estate sales then they demonstrated a significant level of intelligence.

We also have a panel interview to test how the candidates confronts difficult questions and situations. The panel interview panelist is composed of senior coaches of the community representing different business teams and tribes.

I got this style of screening applicants from my military and fraternity experience. Those who passed the process are not quitters.

"Quitters never win and winners never quit"

CARENET Sales Cycle and Marketing Training

1. Listing Acquisition
a. Salesperson Licensure Seminar or Real Estate Brokers Licensure Exam
b. Discovering Your Real Estate Niche Market and Focused Area of Specialty
c. Street Smart Property Appraisal
d. Building Your Real Estate Listing Inventory
e. Dealing with Property Owners, Brokers, Agents and Referrals.

2. Property Profiling & Photography
a. Outdoor Photography
b. Indoor Photography
c. Image Editing & Watermarking Techniques
d. Utilizing GPS, Google Earth & Map
e. Organic Content Creation

3. Online & Digital Marketing
a. Online Branding
b. Property Blogging Techniques
c. Traffic Generation Strategies
d. Niche Marketing
e. SMS Marketing

4. Handling Inquiries
a. Handling email, text & phone queries
b. Client Data Management
c. Pre-Qualifying Techniques
d. Programming & Utilizing Smart Phone Apps
e. Discovering Philippine Actual Real Estate Demand

5. Tripping, Negotiation & Closing
a. Tripping Preparation Checklist
b. Negotiation Strategies
c. Sales Closing Techniques
d. After Sales Service
e. Respective & Focused Developers Product Knowledge Seminars

6. Conveyance of Ownership
a. Real Estate Due Diligence
b. Documentation for FSBO/L
c. Documentation for Project Selling
d. Bank Financing Orientation
e. Pag-ibig Seminar

Are you a Sports, Life or Business Coach?

Do you adjust your coaching style when situation demands?

See results

Matching Coaching Style With Apprentice Progress

Adjusting coaching styles to the level of progress of the apprentice. Being a commander is used if the business team is team is not focused and out of track. Being a teacher is used if the business team needs improvement on certain aspect of their strategies and Being a partner is used to teach new skills, decision making and problem solving.

"An entrepreneur is person who solves other persons problems for profit or pay"- T.Harv Eker


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      Cheyenne Morrison 3 years ago

      A Warrant of Arrest has been issued for Rovel Desierdo Tomambo, aka Coach Rovel who is marketing real estate under the name Investphil Realty despite losing his real estate licence for fraud on June 23, 2008

      Google "Rovel Desierdo Tomambo"

      On May 19, 2014 he was finally convicted of Estafa and sentenced to 4 years and 2 months jail. Please report his whereabouts to Police or the NBI.

      Behind the following companies: Palawan Islands, Elysian Fields Realty, RovLand Realty, Empyreal Inc, Rov-Land Realty, Rovel Realty Services, Nu Skin, NSE Philippines, Life Entrepreneurship Program (LEP), Global Capital Investment Ltd. Hong Kong, Investphil Realty, Create Abundance Network aka Create Abundance 2020 aka CA 2020 aka CARENET aka CARENET COOP aka Creating Abundance in Real Estate Network Multi-Purpose Cooperative (CARENET MPC)