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Cobrain & Rob McGovern

Updated on April 4, 2013
Cobrain - Founded by Rob McGovern
Cobrain - Founded by Rob McGovern

I'm a huge fan of technology, especially when it comes to how technology can change your life. I'm always looking for new and interesting companies and the software or gadgets they create that I think may impact the way I life my life.

With that in mind, I often check out the people behind the creation of great companies and try and follow up with what they're doing now. For example, if you had followed Steve Jobs after he left Apple, not only would you have discovered NeXT (which is the basis for today's current OS on Apple Computers and iPhones) but you also would have been one of the first people to see this tiny animation company, Pixar, and quickly see how they were going to change the way we watch animated movies.

I'll admit, I've been following Rob McGovern since he Founded and left And I'm excited about what I saw launch in stealth mode this month,


The website that use to say "Cobrain will leave here one day... " now has a few pages up and ready and sharing a bit of information about the company. From the website we learn that Cobrain is hoping to change the world by leveraging distributed intelligence. And that the company hopes to leverage shared brain power of people like you. They mention that they'll be partnering with companies and that the software will include a recommendation engine. The company seems to be prepared to launch multiple apps and software. I'm still not exactly sure what Cobrain will be doing but I'll be watching closely as I love the idea of increased intelligence and leveraging the power of people that think like me.

Rob McGovern

I found Cobrain by seeing an update to Rob Mcgoverns Twitter profile. McGovern listed Cobrain in his bio so I decided to check it out.

The Cobrain website lists McGovern as the CEO. Rob has a lot of experience with start ups, as he is a founder of, a company he sold for $450 million dollars. has helped change the way that unemployed individuals find work, and I'm hopeful that Rob McGovern will be able to do something similar with Cobrain.

I'm always excited to see something new and different that promises to change the world. Delivering on that promise is tricky, but I believe Rob has helped do that for many people that have found jobs for them through I hope he can do it again.


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