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Coke VS Pepsi

Updated on May 9, 2011

Coke VS Pepsi ... FIGHT!

Which is better? 

In the great soda wars of this time the two biggest competitors are Coke and Pepsi. These two have been battling each other for shelf space for the longest times. They both have strong followers, much like a religion! For instance, die-hard Coke fans will NOT drink Pepsi and vice versa. Some people even go as far as to avoid a chain that serves only Pepsi or Coke since it is almost against their religion!

So who is the winner in this battle? Currently Coke is in the lead with a market share of over $125 billion. However, Pepsi is following very close behind and it may even take over Coke's position one day. But that is totally up to the consumer!

Coke VS Pepsi

Coke VS Pepsi
Coke VS Pepsi

Coke VS Pepsi ... The War Rages On!

Coke and Pepsi are probably the world's biggest competitors and they are both ferociously after the thirsty soda drinking market. The two companies rely heavily on their marketing campaigns to win over the consumers. The reason why Pepsi has been Coke's greatest competitor is because Pepsi has been an innovator from the onset. Whereas, Coke was complaicent since they really had no competitors and such a loyal following. However, after noting Pepsi's great strides in taking over Coke's market share-- Coke had to innovate. As a result, you see many different types of sodas from the two companies now. This is probably the best example of how competition can be beneficial to consumers.


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